Generation 2!


Fantastic, we are still working on the flow software, but it’s going to be great. It will also, eventually, help us calibrate the watering algorithms.

Just a heads-up, working on some great new features for the Spring, welcome back!



Franz, thank you.

I’m hoping the ‘big boys’ (commercial users) are still pushing you guys, such that some day you’ll produce a ‘Gen X on Steroids’ that includes or alternatively uses an Ethernet connection that simultaneously makes economic sense for your company.

More expensive thermostats (not Nest or Honeywell or Ecobee) are going this direction - just plug in the Ethernet cable and hard core Internet connectivity forever exists. We sell them to our commercial customers now and have noticed substantially less troubleshooting calls and problems. I changed over my tstats in my residence to Ethernet connectivity, and have noticed the improved reliability.

My home is on the DFW energy reduction and renewable energy annual ‘tour of homes.’ It was this past October. I included teaching visitors highlights of your Gen 1 product. Everyone coming here is in to solar PV, geothermal heating & cooling, measurement & verification tracking, and automated home control. Thus the Gen 1 controller fit in nicely with ‘what are you doing to reduce costs’ (in this case increasingly expensive water).

Glad to see business is moving along for you guys. As long as you’re constantly ‘working on the next thing’ you’ll be successful. Keep that list of ideas for Gen 3 and Gen X going. It’s the companies that conclude they like what they offer just fine, and try to just ‘cruise’ that shortly find themselves out of business.

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I am curious about to what extend the Gen 2 device can help do diagnostics and troubleshooting. Can it detect if a wire went bad? Or even if something else like a solenoid went bad on a zone? Not sure how much is even possible, but having some basic checks available from Rachio would maybe avoid a call to a irrigation company.

Still contemplating if it is worth upgrading. As otherwise I can only see the advantage of the physical buttons and the flow sensor. However Not sure if installing such a device is worth it in my case. Device itself is over 100USD as it seems and then having someone to install it as well.


We do have a current sensor in the product which measures each zone current. We haven’t built the software yet to use this data, but the hardware definitely supports this type of troubleshooting. At some future date some level of diagnostics will be available.

If it is installed outside, we have a custom enclosure for the unit. The hardware itself will also us to integrate much tighter with other platforms in the future, something the gen 1 is not capable of.

I really like the LEDs as well :wink:



Totally agree on the LED’s and the whole box looks sexier. A good selling point to develop around troubleshooting I would say.

Now you have awaken my interest on the hardware part. The best thing was that you guys started to integrate with Alexa. I also have Smartthings in my home. If there will be development around them which is only limited on Gen1 but will be better on Gen2, you probably have me sold on it :slight_smile:


Yes, very excited about Alexa.

We will be releasing a SmartThings integration for sure, it will be hardware agnostic, so will work with gen 1 and gen 2.



Is the Gen 2 upgrade still available or was it a timed offer to original customers? I got mine a few weeks ago but just saw this offer once I registered for the forums. THX!


I would reach out to and they can handle this question.





The upgrade is available through 3/2 (tomorrow!). To be eligible, you had to have an installed Gen 1 prior to 2/2.



I’ve been holding tight, and I know it’s only been “Spring” for a week or so :wink: , but any more specific idea when the 8 zone version might ship? I’ve got cash in hand but only 5 zones, so the 16 feels a little wrong…


I’d hold tight and not get the 16.

Believe middle of April is when will be available for sale. We are shipping to distribution channels.

Hope this helps.


8 Zone unit availability?

I know where my tax refund is going! :wink:


Ready to pull the trigger on the 8 zone. Checking Amazon every morning to see if it is there.


I’ll post here when available on Amazon and our site (better margins :smile:) .

Software has been released to app stores, being sent to distribution channels (on trucks).

Think the target is mid April, so should time well with our 2.5 release that I hope to submit today to the app store :wink:



I’m being told April 12th is the date, so barring any unforeseen issues it seems like that is what we are currently targeting.



Do you expect the retail price to be $200? I recently purchased an 8 zone 1st gen Rachio. I was about to install it last weekend when I discovered you’ll have an 8 zone 2nd gen coming out soon. I’m thinking of returning my 1st gen but the last day I can return it is tomorrow (Fri). Not sure if I necessarily “need” the upgrades of the 2nd gen as my control unit is inside my garage and I only have 3 zones, but I’d prefer the newer version if the cost isn’t too much higher. Any info would be appreciated as I have to make this decision soon…thanks.


Even cheaper, $199!



Great, thanks!