Gen 2 frequently falls offline after firmware update

@yukitz75 Thank you so much for this additional information. I will let you know what the hardware team finds out this week.



As requested this is what happened after I disconnected my rain sensor. No change if not the worst amount of power cycles since I discovered this.

Screenshots below indicate my reboot at 305 my disconnection of the rain sensor at 307 and from there way too many power cycles

Same issue as everyone else. Gen 2 has been rock solid for a couple of years, and now keeps going offline with a solid LED. I changed my wifi channel recently, but no other changes made to my network configuration. If I power cycle it, it comes back online, but locks up again within a day or so.

Was running iro2-firmware-5-82 until last night, and I updated after a power cycle to -109. Then it went offline again sometime in the past 24 hrs.

Given the number of common failure modes above, without external changes, this is a real Rachio issue. I hope its getting the right level of attention.

I also have a Rachio Gen 2 and am also experiencing the frequent offline issue as well. I have a single router from AT&T with at least 10 other smart home devices attached to the wifi and those don’t seem to go offline? I also have the firmware version iro2-firmware-5-109. This seemed to start happening in the last few weeks. The other day I moved my my Rachio on my wifi’s “guest” network where it’s the only device using that guest SSID with 2.4 Ghz and still get the same offline behavior. I sure hope the Rachio folks figure this out soon.

My Route This code is T77U8S3F

I’m having this problem too! In 1.5years of having my Gen2, I don’t think I had ever got a “Controller Offline” notification, and then I got one on 11/17. Power cycled, it came back up, didn’t think anything of it. Then it went offline again (1 light bar, notification sent) the next day. On restart, it got stuck on the wifi stage (blinking 2nd light), so I tried following some wifi reset instructions but couldn’t get it to work and it opened a ticket, but a couple days later realized my wifi extender was having issues and no devices could connect. Reset the extender yesterday and power cycled Rachio, back to fully connected state, thought I was all good. And then tonight I get another “Controller Offline” notification and back to 1 light bar. Power cycled and it came back up fine again. I updated to iro2-firmware-5-109 tonight after the issues, not sure what I had before. Will try to keep an eye if -109 helps.

It’s winter here, so I’m in standby mode anyway, but wanted to post this for more data points.

Arris DG2470 at one end of the house from the cable company, Netgear Wifi Extender at the other end of the house (different SSIDs). The extender is only about 10ft away from the Rachio, through a wall.

I did a RouteThis: NGGU736V

We might have found an issue with Gen 2 calendars and the infrequency of some watering types or standby mode during this offseason time of year. We have rebuilt calendars and sent them to all the Gen 2 controllers (unless in standby mode).

If your active controller still experiences any “power cycle” issues after tonight please let us know.

If your controller is in standby mode, just take it out of standby mode, wait a few seconds, and then put it back into standby mode to get a “fresh” calendar.

Thank you for your support and patience. I believe we are now just experiencing this issue due to new firmware for this year (V3) and controllers going into the offseason and watering less.

If this does not resolve the issue we will keep working diligently to determine the root cause.



I’ll reboot again tomorrow, reconnect rain sensor and report back. Thanks for the update sir.

I started having the same problem a couple of weeks ago after turning off stand-by mode (it was the first time I’d ever used stand-by mode). The device has worked great for as long as I’ve had it. I read through this thread and saw the note about a possible fix a couple of nights ago. However, this morning I received the notification that my Rachio had been offline for 24 hours again. Apparently it went offline about 90 minutes after I had last power-cycled it to bring it back online from the previous day. Here’s a rundown of the incidents:

11/14 4:10 PM - Standby Mode OFF
11/21 3:00 PM - Controller Offline (first occurrence)
11/21 4:18 PM - Power Cycle (manually unplugged)
11/22 11:00 PM - Controller Offline
11/24 1:56 PM - Power Cycle
11/24 3:46 PM - Power Cycle
11/24 4:21 PM - Power Cycle
11/25 11:09 PM - Power Cycle
11/26 12:57 AM - Power Cycle
11/27 2:00 AM - Controller Offline
11/27 6:34 AM - Power Cycle (manually unplugged)
11/28 8:00 AM - Controller Offline

I also ran the RouteThis test. My key is K4XG8QKG.

Hope that helps find a fix.

Changed my home router setup to be two distinct networks instead of two AP’s on the same SSID. Rachio seemed to like this as it hasn’t disconnected for a few days. Took the rachio off standby for a few minutes, put it back on standby and then reconfigured my network back to two AP’s on the same SSID. Rachio disconnected again sometime today and will require a power cycle when I get back home.

Glad the team found something significant with Gen2 & V3 firmware causing the controller to crash.

Just adding another data point, my controller stayed online (maybe went offline, but recovered automatically) Tues, but it went offline again in the crashed state Wed. I needed to power cycle it manually.

Is Rain Skip supposed to work even if the controller was offline for a few days? I expect no watering for the next several days.

Thanks, yuki

@franz Nothing. I’m off line again

My Gen 2 went offline last night and I restarted it this morning at 5:22am using the Rachio troubleshooting directions and as of now it has power cycled at 8:02am and 9:11am but is still online. So, I’m not seeing any improvement in falling offline since the “new calendars” were released on Nov. 27? My Rachio shows firmware version iro2-firmware-5-109 and My Route This code is T77U8S3F.

Off line again! Off line Monday, off line this morning and off line again this afternoon.

Team Rachio, thanks for your patience.

We hope to push a firmware release out tomorrow to address this issue. It’s been incredibly difficult to track down and the team has been working around the clock (literally :slight_smile: ) to identify and try to resolve. I’ll post here when the firmware is pushed to the Gen 2 controllers.

Thanks again for your patience.



Yesterday afternoon after I got it back on line I saw the firmware update (iro2-firmware-5-109) and applied it. Experienced two more power cycles yesterday after that and this morning it was off-line again. Ugh!

And… isn’t there anyway that you can save the Wifi settings so I don’t have to reenter everything everytime?

We are rolling out new firmware to controllers to try and resolve this issue.

The new firmware version is iro2-firmware-5-115.

I’ve had the engineering team update all the controllers on this thread.

If you don’t see this version on the Technical Info screen and want to get it directly, just make sure you are on the same WiFi network as the controller and a button should appear (mobile only) that allows for a direct firmware update.

We are rolling firmware out to a small number of controllers today and will roll out to all remaining controllers next week.

Thanks again for your patience.



I got the update. I will monitor the controller state carefully over the weekend.

Thanks, yuki

Thanks @yukitz75, please let us know if you see any issues and have a great weekend.


I’m guessing you have them, but I’m really struggling to find any release notes on this new firmware. Can you please point me in the right direction? I’d greatly appreciate it!

@franz power cycled mine today will report back if anything occurs. Thanks for the hard work!

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