Gen 2 frequently falls offline after firmware update


The new firmware update is working great so far. The last power cycle event in my controller history is from Thurs morning. I am guessing what was caused by the firmware update.

Since the update, I have not seen any offline state reported by the Rachio app on my phone. The controller has been at full-bars throughout the weekend. I think the issue has been resolved with the new update.


@yukitz75 That’s great news, the team is continuing to review but feels like we have resolved the core issue.



All Gen 2 controllers have been updated with new firmware. :smile:



My controller has been fine for several days as well. Seems to be fixed!


Several days since I got the -115 update, and all appears back to normal. Thanks, Rachio. This situation was handled promptly, and the level of communication and transparency from @Franz was excellent. Nice recovery.


Yep, me too…all of it. Had perfect stability for years, then suddenly these crashes that required a power cycle to fix. I had to do one just hours before franz posted about the firmware update. Since then, it’s been stable…I’ll come back and reply again if that changes.


…and it looks like after receiving the -115 update I’m also back to the stability I’ve been used to. Ditto the thanks to @Franz and the development team for getting that done.