Front panel quick run time


When I do a quick run on the app I can change the time from the default of 3 minutes. Is there a way to change this default because when turning on from the front panel of the controller itself the zoo only runs for the 3 min default.

Tldr…can you change default quick run time?


@dirkg Front panel run time is not configurable. I will relay this suggestion to the product team.

Thank you for your question and feedback!



I agree. A default setting that would allow the user a configurable amount of time, globally or by zone, would be very helpful.

I just installed my controller yesterday and if my wife finds out her manual control option (“I don’t want to use my phone. I hate all this technology. As long as I can still turn on zones manually from the box, that should be okay”) is only good for 3 minutes, I’ll have bigger problems than keeping my yard irrigated. Please seriously consider this feature.


There could be a compromise using IFTTT to create a single tap button that starts a zone with a predefined watering time — may save a few taps, at least. There are about a trillion things people want their Rachio to have or do and IFTTT can certainly help with many of those ideas. Even better if IFTTT has some kind of way to create a phone home screen button to quick run a specific zone.

More on Rachio and IFTTT here:


Thanks for the suggestion to use IFTTT to “create a single tap button” to start a zone. I currently use IFTTT for several items in my home including some Rachio features. I’m just not familiar with how I can use IFTTT at the controller to create a single tap button. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


Well, without spending more money on physical ‘smart buttons’ that link to IFTTT (they exist but kind of pricey IMO), the compromise I was speaking to is setting up an applet where there’d just be one or two taps on a smart phone or tablet to quick run any zone for a predetermined time. This would avoid perceived challenges of using the Rachio app to Quick Run zones.


Thanks again for the idea. I was hoping to find a solution for my “anti-tech” wife to turn on a zone, at the controller, for more than a 3 minute cycle. So far it hasn’t come up. But it’s only a matter of time. Lol. Thanks again.


Exactly. That is what I’d be looking for as well.