Copper pipe flow meter install


@nmstough, I’m not sure if you saw my reply in this thread, but you’ll need to either reconnect to the original 3/4" copper pipe, or replace the copper below the back flow with PVC – like this:


The 1 inch underneath is so I do not use a 1inch to 3/4 inch ball valve (Ball valves have a smaller pass through than the 3/4 Copper) as my supply is 3/4 Copper. Eventually, I will replace the 3/4 inch supply before the valve box to 1 inch Copper, so that will negate me having the 1 inch to 3/4 inch Sharkbite reducer.


I could also replace the fittings like the picture above using 1 inch PVC to valve box…(little more work and probably not for every home owner to do)…


Why not use a 1"x3/4" reducing coupler to go from the flow meter to the 3/4" copper pipe? Then you dont have the ball valve and you have the full flow through?


I’m going to be installing my meter in the next couple of days and was wondering how critical it is to use the Sharkbite brand of coupling. I went to my local plumbing supply store and they carry Tectite vs. Sharkbite. I’ve included a picture of the package and the inside of the coupling. It says use with CU/CPVC/PEX and the store said it should work. I have my doubts, though, so please let me know.


I bought the wrong flow parts

Because a 1" PVC X 3/4" CTS (Copper Tube Size) SharkBite reducing coupler does not exist, hence the recommendation to use that 25551LFball valve :unamused:

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I bought the wrong flow parts


Nice install @jjon90 !

I bought the wrong flow parts