Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2


@Wirepower done (link), seems you already well aware of what to expect :wink:




If it’s an Ambient Weather station, you can connect it to PWS yourself as long as you have a PWS Weather login. Go to your AW dashboard, click on Devices in the left column and select PWS Weather on the right, enter your credentials and you’ll be all set.


How do I add the station to my account in PWS.
Acc name is Badboy


Your data is already in pwsweather, and thereby available to Rachio. If you wish to have it under your account, you have two options. First one is to contact AerisWeather support (link) with the request to transfer pwsweather IMELTON34 station to your account. Otherwise you can create a new station under your account and set it up with ambient weather (see above post) or

My personal view, is that having this station under your account does not provide any tangible benefit, that being said I’ll help with what ever you decide to do.



No probs that case I’ll just leave it as is :slight_smile:


Looking for some guidance please! I have my Acurite station publishing to WU, station ID: KNEOMAHA271

Somewhere in the community I followed instructions to use my WU API and a Cron job to publish to PWS:

There has since been communication from IBM about developer API going down and needing to get new one, free as a station contributor, and have until 15th this month to do something about it.

Documentation was provided but I’m lost as to what to do next and can’t find original instructions for what I’ve established to see if they were updated. Seems like several here are able to request a station be connected but I’m already in. Are these being added in an easier way than managing cron job, etc that I can follow? It’s still frozen in Omaha so I’m not terribly worried but also don’t want to have gap in data in drop off my Rachio.

API Document


You can use (here (link) is an explanation on how to set it up), which would allow you to use your WU station or your AcuRite data directly.

I’ve replied to your PM, just email your current wufyi URL to and I can help to update it so it no longer requires your old API key.



Can someone add KNYMALVE4 and KNYHEMPS2.

Thank you in advance.


@nkaw done (link), and done (link). Stations should start updating right away and show up within Rachio in a couple of hours.



Could you add


@McGedp done (link), cheers.


Would you please add the following WU to the pwswaether (link), thank you


@DeLuz done (link), you get one too :wink:





@Gene I’d love a car… er PWS too thanks!


@hughg done (link), in addition your request for the car was submitted to appropriate channels :wink:


@Gene I’d love to offer a new car, Oprah style, but have only my appreciation to give.
Would you be able to add this PWS as well?



@p003 done (link), hope it serves you well :+1: