Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2



Could I get my PWS added:

Thank you!


@howag done (link), PWS_KCAGRANI39 should be available soon. I’ve used a WU link since ambient provides a direct pwsweather integration (discussed a few posts back, here).



I have a closer PWS, would you please add it?

Many thanks!!



@harcosk done (link), you should be able to use PWS_KCAESCON219 within a few hours.


Best pws to use in orange county

Hi, I am in Australia and have a Underground weather station nearby that I would like to use with my new Rachio Gen 2. Are you able to add it to PWSweather so that I will be able to select it?

Thanking you in advance,

Details are:
Weather Station ID: INSWBATE3
Station Name: Corymbia Batemans Bay
Latitude / Longitude: S 35 ° 41 ’ 55 ‘’, E 150 ° 10 ’ 46 ‘’
Elevation: 62
City: Batemans Bay
State: NSW
Hardware: LaCrosse


done (link), @Geko your station will show up as PWS_INSWBATE3 within a few hours.

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@Gene If you ever take a trip to Australia, I’m sure you will have many places to stay :wink:



Wow that was quick. Thank you very much. I have now found another station on Wunderground that is quite close to me. Would you be able to add it also please. Detais are:
Weather Station ID: IMALONEY2
Station Name: Maloneys Beach
Latitude / Longitude: S 35 ° 42 ’ 33 ‘’, E 150 ° 14 ’ 59 ‘’
Elevation: 33
City: Maloneys Beach
Hardware: Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)
Software: weewx-3.8.2


@Geko, done, be on the lookout for PWS_IMALONEY2


Gene, can you please add WU station ID KCASONOR68?
Thanks a bunch.


@CaliKurt done (link), you’ll be able to use PWS_KCASONOR68 in a few hours.



Gene. Thank you very much. How cool is this? It has already worked through 2 rain storms on my weather station. American made, and by far the best controller.


That station has stopped reporting. Please ad >


@Arto done (link)


Gene, I would really appreciate adding my neighbors WU ID: KNEPAPIL52 to PWS so I could use it for my Rachino. Thanks! - Bill


@adairb done (link), cheers :wink:


My new weather station isn’t showing up on the map? It’s been installed for a couple of weeks now. KTXRICHA120 reporting to WU. It’s an Ambient Weather station. How do I get this to show up on the Rachio map so that I can use it?


@steve04KU, are you running Rachio Gen 3 and/or Gen 2 from Costo?

In any case I’ve added it to pws_weather (link) in case it is none of the above (in which case, be on the lookout for PWS_KTXRICHA120 within a few hours).



I believe mine is Gen 2.


@gene can you add wunderground ID: IMELTON34 to pws?