Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2


How do I get my WUnderground station added to the rachio? I just installed my gen2 here in PHX and am trying to get it all integrated.


I’ve added that station to pwsweather (link), it should show up within Gen 2 Rachio interface in a few hours (only Gen 3 and Costco versions of Gen 2 have native WU support).



This is why the Rachio community loves @Gene


Add me to the grateful list if you’ll add my neighborhood WUnderground station too! I’ve got a Rachio 2, and here’s the station I’d like you to add:

Right now, the nearest listed station in Rachio’s Weather Intelligence is over 4 miles south of me. I’ve had problems with inaccurate reporting of precipitation. Last Tuesday we had spotty torrential downpours - my rain gauge had 4" in it Wednesday morning, but Rachio said we only go 0.79" of precipitation on Tuesday/Wednesday. Getting my neighborhood WUnderground in Rachio would be fantastic!


Done, should show up within Rachio soon.


Oh if you could add this station also, I would soooo appreciate it…!!
My closest station is miles away and the weather here in SoFla is very very local :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!


Done, it is now on pwsweather (link), meaning it should be available to Rachio in a few hours.




Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!!


Hi Gene,
You set up my PWS using my WU account a little over a year ago. I just moved across town, is it possible to just update my PWS information?

I updated my address along with latitude and longitude but that did not seem to make a difference.

Thank you, Rusty


Ok, Your new station is now setup, raw data can be checked here (link).

I’ve disabled your old station (link) as per my assumption that you’ve moved your AcuRite station and uploading data from the new location to the old address may pose issues for other users.




Asking another favor, could you add

This is my nextdoor neighbor.

Thanks in advance.


Done, data will be available via pwsweather (link).



Same here…would you mind adding as well?

Thanks so much!!


@Gene Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work bring this needed functionality to the Rachio community. If you could add my my station as well, I would greatly appreciate it.


Do you have an Amazon wishlist?


I’d love to help Benjamin, but the station ID you’ve provided points to an inactive station, seems it was last updated 137 days ago? Seem that station is an ambient ws-1400 model, and if you are uploading data to I can use that instead of underground in case you are having issues there.

I you would prefer to use, login to your account (here), create an API key and PM or email ( it to me so I can take care of the rest. Alternately, please double check the station ID you’ve provided and your setup to upload data to wunderground.




If I go the Ambient Weather route instead of WU, are the updates to Rachio more frequent, or is it still at 5 minute intervals?

It would be great if Rachio allowed a direct feed from Ambient Weather!




While Ambient does support a higher update rate, Rachio only gets daily summary readings from their provider. Updating at higher rate will thus not have any real advantage for your irrigation needs.

I do think Rachio may be using a higher resolution data from WU for their WI+ offering, but it is just a guess on my part.



Thanks for the information.

I have a Gen 2 controller, so no WI+ for me. Hopefully Rachio will start allowing older controllers to utilize WI+.



Gene, I really appreciate you adding KNEOMAHA259 to PWS so I could use that for my Rachio 2 a few weeks back. Unfortunately, that PWS stopped reporting July 2. Could you add another neighborhood station so I can use it?

This station has been online for a long time and is a lot more reliable. Thanks