Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2


Does it matter? I’m okay if you are okay. Can stations be deleted?


Doesn’t matter one bit :wink: I do not know of any way to delete a station, though you could try contacting their support via email. As far as I know, stations without any data are as good as gone so you can leave it as is. :+1:


Team Rachio - If you could kindly add
it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


@vthowe done (link) :cheers:


Awesome, thank you.


Could you add KCAMERCE18



@badwzrd done (link) :cheers:




Just read on the Ambient Weather Facebook page that " will now upload your data to PWSWeather.comand directly."

I disabled cron-job and trying the direct upload.

Edit: Direct upload from AmbientWeather to PWSWeather is working:)


What is the procedure to do this? I haven’t been able to find info on ambient’s site.



You need to have a login to PWS Weather
Go to your device page and enter the information in the PWS Weather section.

Once you have that, you can change your current weather station selection to your PWS, just make sure that “Use Personal Weather Station” is toggled on.


Thanks, got it. It was right in front of me I just didn’t see it.



Is there a way to add this station so i can see and use it in my Rachio gen 2?

Thank you!


@Arto done (link), be on a lookout for PWS_ISDERMAN12 within Rachio in a couple of hours.



You are great Gene! Thank you very much!


I’m trying to get my wunderground station KTXRICHM155 into the weather intelligence feed. I have a Gen 2. Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


@billy2818 done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_KTXRICHM155 within an hour or two.

If you were really interested in instructions on one of the ways to do this manually, here is the (link) to an earlier post. Posting here (like you did), or sending me a PM (link), is also acceptable :wink:


Thank you for the help!


Would it be possible to add KCAOCEAN17 ?
Thank you and what a great service.



@Kdow done (link), look for PWS_CAOCEAN17 within an hour or two.