Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2


No I checked this morning. @gene added it 4 days ago. Don’t see it listed.


Make sure you turn on an option to Use Personal Weather Station (PWS), if your station does not appear after that, please double-check that the position on the map over at pwsweather (link), is close to the location of your Rachio. If all else fails @rachiosupport can help to manually add the station to your account.


Yea I can see it at my address on PWS site and and when I go to list to use local PWS it’s not in the list or on the map


@liv4muddin You are on WI Plus which uses IBM/WU for PWS. I do see your station on our non-WI Plus weather provider. Is your station part of the WU network?



@franz I can see it on Weather Underground and PWS. My station ID is KMSOLIVE48


Ok, I can see data for it but not in the geocode list. How many days has it been online in WU? I’ll followup with them if more than about a week. This is not the best experience but we don’t have any control over when they start ingesting and sending data.



oh I understand. Just seeing when I should be looking to change in the app. Its was added to WU July 31st and PWS by Gene on Aug 1st.


Ok, I think we are borderline. Let’s wait a couple/few more days. If doesn’t show up I will contact WU directly.



Ok sounds good. Thanks for checking in on this


Please add my WU station to Rachio Gen 2


Can you please add KTXNEWBR92



@majkman done (link)
@Nhamp07 done (link)



Hi Gene- Came here from the Ambient weather FB group.

Could you add KCOERIE79 please?

Thanks a ton!


Can i get mine added?


@Gene You need a “Donate Now” button on your site :wink:



@franz Maybe when the site is easier to use :sweat_smile: One of these days I’ll finish up the ez setup, but for now I do what I can…

@GMoore34 done (link) (used a random name since matching name was taken, see my PM).
@jjstrauch done (link)

P.S. Internally can also use data from via their API and many other sources (such as and Feel free to PM (link) for details or if you simply prefer to setup your station in private.


@Gene - Can you help me get my station on Rachio?

Thank you!


@jfirstenberg done (link) :cheers:


@Gene - Thank you. My PWS account has a station in it but not the one you created. Did I do something wrong?

I do see the station in Rachio now (AWESOME) but the station I created, jfirstenberg doesn’t seem to have anything. Is there a way to add the station that is reporting (and connected to Rachio) into my user’s account and delete the one not in use (housekeeping).


V3 & WeatherFlow

Unfortunately pwsweather does not support transferring stations between accounts, and because I did not have your station / account info I could not add the data to a specific station. If you prefer to use a station you’ve created, feel free to PM (link) me your station details so it can be used instead.