AcuRite support is being tested at, coming soon to

Hi everyone,

As many of you are AcuRite users, myself included, I’m exploring the option to pull data directly from Acurite (instead of Weather Underground) in order to make it available to Rachio via

So instead of Sensor > > sensor > > wufyi > pwsweather
it would be Sensor > > wufyi > pwsweather

At this time this would be supported only to those who use AcuRite Hub (like this)

This may be a good alternative down the road in case weather underground changes their API policies or more direct access proves to provide more reliable data.

In case you are interested in participating please use the MAC address of your HUB at (just follow the instructions)

MAC address can be found on the sticker on the bottom of your HUB or on myaccurate website (here), please note that they refer to it as “Device ID”

Please also make sure that sharing is enabled (at least at first). Sharing options can be found here (link).

Thank you for your time,


Email sent! Thanks Gene!

Well, it’s finally happening. I’ve added AcuRite support to the wufyi Beta (link). No longer will Wunderground be the only source of information available to wufyi users. I wish to thank @BuddyL33 for his support. :thumbsup:

In addition to AcuRite support, beta is no longer relies on wunderground API interface, so fingers crossed data issues are a thing of the past, while simplifying the setup requirements.

Example / test station was setup here (link)

Some of the possible wufyi URL(s) which would represent a valid setup for this particular example are:

This functionality is coming soon to the main wufyi site, stay tuned :wink:



Is there a possibility this could happen with Weatherflow when they start shipping units?

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I’ll definitely try to support as many services as possible, weatherflow included. Send me a reminder to when you start seeing useful data via their website. :+1:


Will do, greatly appreciated!

Excited about what looks like the ability to pull from any Weather Underground site, without needing a password or API key? has been working awesomely to move data from my WS-1400-IP/Wunderground over to PWS.

On Monday, a neighbor (497 feet away) setup his own WS-1400-IP, and for whatever reason, my IP Observer connects to his outdoor array, not mine. Ambient tech support says there’s no way to control which outdoor array it connects to. Neat, huh?

So I’d like to just decommission my station (Grrr, it was working perfectly) and start moving data from my neighbors WUnderground Station over to my PWS station. Sounds like I won’t need anything from him to do that?

Ouch, sorry to hear that @aristobrat, hope your neighbor is taking a good care of his PWS.

You are correct about not needing anything from wunderground besides his station ID. Tests so far over at wufyi beta showed promising stability and data accuracy better than what is possible via official API (WTF wunderground :thumbsdown:)…

If all goes well, official switch over will happen next Monday, though feel free to start using (link) in the meantime.



@Gene, is getting some love over on AcuRite’s community forum today. Someone there asked about how to have their Rachio see their AcuRite 5-in-1 over there, and the link to the mega-thread over here was posted.

The changes in /b/ have the potential to change everything a person needs to do to get wufyi going (i.e. seems like everyone can now skip the part about registering as a WU developer … and I’m guessing folks only interested in their Rachio seeing their AcuRite could skip all of the WU parts)…

Any thoughts on creating a new “HOW TO”?

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Thanks! I’m actually working on improving the setup process and making it more self explanatory, but I’ll make sure to jump in and answer any questions


Do you have a PayPal link or something where folks can leave a donation for all of your work?


Thank you @aristobrat for your inquiry / offer of support.

I do not know what the future holds for wufyi and if the site ever grows to the point where some sort of support will be need to cover operating (server) costs I may implement a PayPal link or something similar, but I don’t expect it to be anytime soon.

In any case I will do everything I can to keep wufyi free to use as long as I have any say in that decision.

Cheers :cheers:



If its not to much to ask, about how many users are you currently supporting? Hopefully as this grows, some of these manufacturers will see the need to work together instead of having an individual such as yourself creating a solution.

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Currently there are about ~130 active users, not counting anyone running a PHP script independently. I don’t mind the wufyi site being put out of “business” (it’s taking me much more time to support it than I’ve originally intended to spend), but if it ever becomes a truly viable solution, manufacturers will be less likely to justify any real expenses to expand their support base…

It’s one of those, damned if you do, damned if you don’t, situations.

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These types of projects ALWAYS take more effort than planned :grinning:
I had no idea there were that many users. Your making a lot of people happy Gene.

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@Gene is my hero.



Ours too!

Just to give everyone a quick update on Beta:

Beta methods so far shows a good quality / usability, but alas I’ve run into an emerging problem with which I need to deal with. This problem is described in detail here (link), but in summary it has to do with the load a 3rd party cron-job server is putting on the wufyi server. Unfortunately it does not seem that will implement any changes anytime soon.

Many of you may have gotten an increasing number of email notifications about a 503 server error from your cron-job, this happens due to sending requests for processing in parallel during the first few seconds of every minute. This is particularly bad every 30 minutes (at the top of the hour, and 30 minutes later), when practically every schedule of choose coincides with each-other sending every single user to be processed within a few seconds of each-other.

Unfortunately, the data source(s) for beta have an unfortunate disadvantage over an official wunderground API: data for beta source takes, on average, 2 to 3 times longer to retrieve. I would be happy to roll out beta changes to the main wufyi branch, but I expect a drastic increase in 503 errors in case I use it as is.

It looks like beta period will have to be extended by up to a week as I implement / test the new method of scheduling / processing the data synchronization. Meanwhile new / existing users, should feel free to switch the cron-job URL to use the new

Alas I can’t yet upgrade everyone automatically to the new code due to an expected increase of 503 server issue notifications. Some of you will have to continue using API based wufyi code for now, I’ll try to make sure it will not be so for long.



Hi Gene, here’s a a suggested workaround, but people have to change their cron schedules.

I set my schedule to a user defined schedule, running at 2, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52 minutes past the hour. None of those times will bump into the busiest standard interval frequency times. Choosing one of 1,2,3,4, 6,7,8,9 minutes past the hour would spread the load out.

If wufyi users could stagger their cron schedules to reduce and spread out the load and help out Gene, he could upgrade sooner.


Thank you jkb! I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately such manual definition is simply not practical on the large scale, plus (if enough people do it) it will simply shift the peak without addressing it (ideally the time shift should be random and/or equally distributed).

For the time being, I advise that users of switch to 2 minute schedule, this way there are at least 2 “tries” to capture every expected data point. Users of API based can remain on their original schedule.

In any case for the time being, the best option is simply creating an email filter for “cronjob Internal Server Error” to avoid getting notifications about occasional misses.

In any case I’ll try to expedite a fix for this, so I hope this will all not be needed in the near future.

Edit: It seems that it was a good thing that beta did not go live today. Wunderground just removed (few hours ago) the interface being used by beta software.

P.S. Issues with WU support at has no effect on AcuRite support (which is working well).

Edit 2: I just couldn’t rest knowing that beta was broken, so I’ve at least rolled it back to an earlier version. This one should have less issues than official API, but has a drawback of periodically returning empty records (some of you may remember it as a “V2” version). This is just a temporary solution, but at least beta support for WU is back to working now, lets see what they come up with next…

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