AcuRite support is being tested at, coming soon to

Is this the interface that allows you to pull from WU without needing an API key?

Alas, it was. I guess because they couldn’t monetize it, they’ve killed it instead.

To be specific, it was just one of three methods I discovered, but it was the most stable one.

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Ok, I guess I should have been more patient before assuming the worst (file not found error threw me off).

For now beta’s wu updates are back to using the last week’s method, but I am working on adding an API support to fill in the downtime other methods apparently experience.

Sorry guys to for the roller coaster of emotions last night, just got disappointed to see what was a rock steady data source suddenly disappear…



Hello Gene,

Any chance you may share your method for working directly with AcuRite? My bash script has been generating worse and worse outdated data using my WeatherUnderground API. Looking to change and don’t want to add load to your service if I don’t have to.


PM sent.


Awesome help. Thank you Gene.

Gene, is this working on the new Acurite Access hub? If so is there a different setup?


Yes, new access hub and even their new Atlas pws are both supported. Let me know if you run into any issues.