Ability to disable Wireless Flow Meter radio? Australian usage


Hi team,

I’m wondering if there’s a possibility for the option of the Wireless Flow Meter radio to be disabled from the software, either as a user controllable option, or based on the country of usage?

I would really like to buy the Gen 3 to upgrade our irrigation system at home, but as has been highlighted in different topics on the forum the frequency used isn’t legal in a good handful of countries outside the U.S.



@xaedian - see this post where Franz/Rachio mentions that they are looking into selling the Gen3 down under:


Thanks @DLane, I had read that thread a few days prior but had forgotten about it. I think, in its own merit, it’s still a valid question or alternate solution before a possibly International product is released.


@xaedian, flow meter radio within Gen 3 itself is a receiver, as such it does not broadcast in any troublesome frequencies and should not, by itself, present a problem. It is, however, a good idea to avoid buying the wireless flow meter itself as it does feature a transmitter which could cause issues.

Keep in mind that Rachio is a 110V device and you would need to acquire a 220V to 110VAC or 24VAC transformer to use included power adapter or replace it outright.



@Gene, the initial user that indicated the frequency use problem in Australia indicated that the R3 controller both received and transmitted, but I’m not sure what information this is based on:

@franz indicated in the same thread that the R3 couldn’t be sold for use in Australia due to the conflicting band usage, but didn’t specifically state that it’s only the Wireless Flow Meter that is the part that cannot be used, putting more weight behind the argument that maybe the R3 controller does have a transmitter too. Possibly it’s used to pair the devices together? I’m not sure.

I’d very happily buy the R3 if I knew with certainty that the controller doesn’t transmit.

Thanks for the information regarding the power adapter, I had seen that elsewhere but it’s always good to have the heads up! :slight_smile:

Darren :smiley:


After further checking. I was wrong. Rachio does feature a trasmitter (FCC link) for a LoRa radio, no clue as to conditions which would cause it to transmit.

Live and learn :wink:


Thanks @Gene


@Gene - how about firmware update to the flow meter and telling the flow meter measure, since the flow meter isn’t measuring 24 x 7 x 365.24 to conserve battery power. :wink:


a firmware update which both sets frequency to location might solve all issues? or does the hardware not work that way?