Zone watering, moisture level chart shows 0 for irrigation, other problems

I’ve just started up my watering for my drip zones (Flex Daily) in the last couple of weeks, and I’m seeing multiple problems that I didn’t have last year.

Right now my zone 9 is watering, yet the moisture level chart shows 0.00 for irrigation today. And I’m having the problem that others have noted where the PWS precipitation value is duplicated on two consecutive days. And since it’s not showing Forecasted irrigation today, I’m only hoping that when the watering cycle of this zone is complete that it will record it.

My zone 10 is also showing up weird. It’s moisture level is at 0.00 and it doesn’t want to water today - it is predicting 0.04in of rain today, but even if we get that, it will still be at 0.00. So I end up being at 0.00 two days in a row on that zone. (I understand that this could just be the way that flex daily works when it is at that 0.00 spot and has that prediction). But because the precip was recorded incorrectly on Apr 20 (it really should have had a moisture balance of .12in instead of .23 in), it didn’t water on Apr 21 when it needed to. So it is now really in the negative. (The .01 of irrigation on this zone on Apr 21 was me installing some new emitters and testing them, so that was manual)

The good news for me is that we have a healthy amount of rain predicted for tomorrow, so I’m not worried about the plants right now, but I’m hoping you can get this fixed quickly.

Update: My Zone 9 just finished watering, and my Zone 10 now shows as watering, even though the moisture graph did not show that Zone 10 was forecasted to water today.

Displays are looking the same on both the web page and my IOS app.

Sorry for the 3rd post, but another diagnostic for you – I just looked at the notifications on my iPhone, and there it told me that it was going to water zones 9 and 10 today, even though it wasn’t showing elsewhere (My Yard, moisture level graphs, watering schedule calendar).

I had engineering check the auditing for zone 10 and at decision to water it still had .01in left in the tank on April 21st. It watered correctly on April 22nd.

The only issue I see is the double reporting precipitation of .11 inches. Opened a ticket with our weather provider. They will be able to correct the issue. This is second one we’ve seen this week. Looks like a data issue on their end.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


What about the app (MY Yard) and moisture level graph not showing that it’s planning to water? The only place I saw it was on the notification.