Zone sort order?

In the “Manual Run” on the app you can tap and drag them in a different order, however they don’t stay there. Is there a way to keep those zones in the order I choose? They seem to be in the order that the wires are configured.

@FisherFamily No, you can’t permanently sort them (related to the device).

They can only be sorted on ‘manual runs’ and any watering time.

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So as they appear in the app is the order they are wired?

@FisherFamily Yes, it should map directly to this diagram. Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback.



My feedback is: What’s the point of allowing the user to reorder the manual run order if it doesn’t keep the sorted order upon returning to it? Also, why tie the the order of the zones to the physical wires? It’s software, why not allow the order to be sorted and saved?

@FisherFamily Good feedback for sure, you are correct there doesn’t need to be a physical tie from hardware/software. I’ll add this to our backlog and it will get prioritized, etc. by the team.

Keeping the sort order on manual runs just wasn’t a requirement we had.

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I’d like to add my support to the request to be able to permanently reorder zones in non-manual mode. By starting watering at 5:00 am which I like, it seems that the zone right outside the back door is being watered just when the dog wants out and she will refuse to go if that zone is on. Allowing me to run that zone first would eliminate the problem and would be a great feature addition.

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This is currently possible. Please see this support article, #5; at this screen you can select and drag the zones to change their order. You can also do this from the edit schedule screen; Dashboard > Watering Schedule Card > Edit Watering Schedule > Select Watering schedule > Durations > select and drag the zones into the order you wish.

Hope this helps.

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