Android sort order not persisting

There is a bug using android app regarding sort order.

When you edit the order on scheduling:duration and hit done. When you revisit that spot in the App, the order you just set no longer shows. Instead it is reordered numerically 1,2,3,4,5.

If you log in to the non app/website controller the sort order you saved on the app shows. Really weird. Please fix.

@Gerposse Thank you for reporting this issue. @steve.palmerin I was able to reproduce this, sort order does not seem to be used on render. Thanks!


Thanks. I’m impressed by your quick response. Glad you were able to reproduce. Definitely think you’re on the right track. The Android App is sorting the zones numerically by zone number instead of the user defined sort order. The fact that the (PC Based) Web controller is showing the sort order I entered makes it clear that the data was being saved, but not utilized by the Android App.

Keep up the good work! The cost was reasonable, the installation was pretty easy, and now the service response…A+. Glad I switched to Rachio.


@Gerposse Glad to hear you are enjoying your Rachio and thank you for reporting this bug. This issue should be resolved now and will be included in the next release. We plan on releasing this update next week. Thanks!