Zone Moisture Balance TOOL on Home screen

Continuing the discussion from Soil moisture fill/empty:

Now that you have given us a Great tool to use during Setup of a zone, I believe there needs to be a much more efficient way of bringing actual conditions of zones back into alignments of the controllers perceived moisture balance. This could be one of the most important tools of the entire system. Weather data and System settings are complex, over time it is quite possible for a schedule to become misaligned with actual on the ground conditions. The user needs a quick and efficient way to reset the system to observed in the ground conditions.

Tool Concept: On the home screen create a toggle labeled Moisture Balance Tool. This would open to one screen, at the Top - Two choices either check the box labeled

? Zone is Dry water at next available opportunity
? Zone is Wet delay irrigation

Below the two categories list All the stations and provide a check box to be selected.

What this does. Allows user to quickly and efficient reset the system to observed in the ground conditions. Many less clicks than going to each zone setting individually.