Wireless Rachio Flow meter with leak detection in action!

Wanted to share some testing the team has been doing.

This shows our auto-shutoff capability.

Here is the fancy email we send out.



Looks very good. Being able to set a threshold flow rate per zone is excellent. How does it handle the initial ramp where the lines will fill at a high rate? Does it ignore the flow rate for a short period and is that period configurable? I have two fairly large drip zones that take a couple minutes to settle to the normal flow rate.

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@obolobo our default is 45 seconds, but we are adding the ability to set your own fill time in the near future.


The flow meter looks really. I’m so pumped up to have the new Rachio 3 and the flow meter installed in my system :wink:


Nice! Is there an option to disable the auto-shutoff? I’m thinking of scenarios like 115F temps and I’m on vacation. Maybe I just have one emitter pop off of my drip line, but I can live with the leak until I get back rather than risk plants frying.

azdavidr: well you would get an alert on your mobile phone and have the option to disable the auto shutoff and start the watering manually in that scenario if you feel the plants are at risk and you are willing to risk damage / waste with a leak.

Yes, you can enable auto shut off per zone. @boldblue737 also presents a valid scenario.


Love the video of the auto shut off! That is so important because I water very early in the morning when I am not up to watch the system, and it could be days before I notice a big leak.

That said, I have three questions:

  1. Does the auto shut off capability work with other flow meters, or just your own-branded wireless? I have metal pipes so need to use my own wired sensor (I know you support a couple diff types of wired ones)

  2. Can you also capture & track gallons used per zone? I would LOVE to see this recorded in the app/web interface.

  3. If yes to #2, do I have to get a Gen 3 box to make this happen? (I have a Gen 2)

Best, Don


We have a big software release soon that will have all that data and more.

No , but the Gen3 is so cool :wink:


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Hey Franz. I love the enthusiasm. You guys are obviously putting a lot of love into your app dev. That is very cool.

Question: Will the Gen 3 use a diff user-facing app than the Gen 2? Or will it be the same interface?

I am just thinking through the rationale for upgrading to a new 3 box. I already have my own flow meter going on a Gen 2.

What is the main benefit for a Gen 3 besides the wireless flow meter?

Best, Don

Same software for both controllers.

Like you mentioned Wireless accessories (900ghz radio) , 2.4g/5g WiFi, external buttons, much nicer connector terminals, colored LEDs, magical light patterns, and above all the magnetic cover :slight_smile:

Hi Franz. Love the Gen 3. Can’t wait to get one.

Another quick question. Since flow meters are now becoming a big part of your software solution for things auto shut off etc, do you expect to support Data Industrial / Rain Bird sensors soon? (I would guess they are as common as the Toro ones that you already support.)

I don’t know the details, but I would suspect its just a new config file with some parameters specific to their line. Aren’t most of these 2 wire sensors basically just one pulse = one gallon?

Best, Don

As long as they are standard wired sensors I don’t see why not.

If we have the sensor Kfactor and offset they should work similar. It’s not difficult to modify our list of make/models.


Hi Franz,

Here is the type of data I think you need to support the Rain Bird sensors in accessories table.

These come from this manual from Rain Bird:


Best, Don

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I see the problem. Sprinkler system is above ground. Lol

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I don’t think an emitter popping off is going to flag as high flow.

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I would think that after 4.5 hours of running drip with or without even one head there would be a measurable difference.