Wireless Rachio Flow meter with leak detection in action!


Sure, over the course of 4.5 hours, but I’d image it is going to look at an nearly full flow situation, where a 1/4" drip line is certainly higher flow than normal, but still nothing when compared to the flow of a 1/2" line. 1/4" poly tubing can flow a max of 30gph, so .5gpm, hardly enough to trigger a flow alarm on a big drip system.


My understanding is that the user could set the threshold per zone, above which they would receive the alarm. I was thinking I’d run my drip schedule a couple of times, look at the usage, then set the threshold at some reasonable amount above that. Is that not the way it works?


This is how it works! You can set high and low flow notification thresholds per zone in the software.


Awesome. I can’t wait to play around with this, assuming I can get a flow meter installed the way my lines are set up. As an engineer I geek out on data. :wink:


I’m not the one to ask…remember my yard a couple months ago!? :rofl::joy::disappointed_relieved:


Wow, I missed that. Kinda cool though. Throw in some Koi fish and it’d be all Zen.


Will we have the ability to calibrate the system once our flow meter is installed by setting the number of heads in a zone and then seeing what the flow rate is for our heads? That should lead to better scheduling, etc.