Winter is coming. Can we stop notifications when paused?

Winter is approaching. Any chance we’ll see an update that stops rain sensor notifications when the system is paused for winterization?

Our system was winterized this morning, another season complete until next year. :cheers: :slight_smile: I’m still hoping an app update already has or will be coming which disables rain sensor alerts when the system is in standby mode.

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What is this winterizing you speak of! :rofl: @Arizona



This isn’t a frequent occurrence in Arizona?


@franz @tmcgahey Pretty sure this is a live representation of traffic in my good old home state of Wisconsin :woman_facepalming:

Also, @scorp508, turning your controller on Standby should turn off all notifications. But you can also disable the rain sensor in the app if you’re still getting notifications on Standby :slight_smile:

Unless something has changed (see thread link below) and was not included in release notes this is broken. We haven’t had enough rain the past couple days for me to tell you yet.

I’d prefer a fix rather than a workaround which requires changing a configuration I may forget to undo in the spring. :slight_smile:

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Ooh, thanks for sharing @scorp508! I hadn’t seen this thread yet. I’ll sync with the team to see what’s up here. :slight_smile:

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No, but we’ve been pounded with rain this month! I’ve recorded almost 6" this month at our warehouse and the poor dry wells can’t keep up!

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This will be fixed in our next software release tomorrow.



Awesome! Thank you, @franz. :sunglasses::beers:

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@franz when will this be getting pushed to the users? I’m still getting these notifications from my Rain Sensor when my unit is in Standby. Thank you!

@Chewie, my Gen-2 seeeeems to have stopped notification in standby. We’ve had some very heavy rains and I do not remember seeing any notifications unless I dismissed it so fast I forgot. My history tab shows the rain sensor activated on Oct 27th which is accurate given the weather. I don’t know if it is related to this unmentioned firmware update my controller is running;

Hoping to get that out this week.


Thank you!! My Gen 2 is still on iro2-firmware-5-95.

I guess I missed it before as this popped up just now. Will wait for Franz to let us know when it pushes out.

The fix isn’t out yet.


@scorp508 @Chewie

This fix was just released. You should no longer receive rain sensor push notifications when the controller is in standby mode.