V3 warning of rain sensor activation even though controller is in Standby mode

This morning was the first heavy rain storm since updating to V3 on iOS yesterday. Our controller is in Standby Mode for the winter and will be for a while longer.

Why would this fire when in Standby Mode?

Hey @scorp508-

This is actually a notification from your rain sensor, not Rachio’s Rain Skip. Regardless, this is an interesting question. Would you expect to not receive this notification? Here is my only concern…

  1. You rain sensor activates
  2. You take your controller out of standby mode and expect schedules to resume
  3. Your rain sensor is still active, so schedules don’t run

Let me know your thoughts

McKynzee :rachio:

@mckynzee - How about when the controller comes out of standby to send a message if the rain sensor is active at that time?


I get where he is coming from. He has his controller in standby mode for the winter, so who cares if it thinks it should skip for wind, rain, whatever. It would make sense that the notifications suspend (maybe other than connection notifications) when the controller is in standby mode.

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Good point… still a “skip due to rain.” :slight_smile: Thread title updated.

I’d expect no notifications related to schedules or the skipping of them while in standby. If there was a “Winterized” option that mutes those notifications yet allows system level notifications (loss of connection, power loss, etc…) I’d use that. We’ve had other heavy rain storms this winter and I don’t remember V2 popping these during standby. Or I swiped them away too quick to remember. Always possible.

For the scenario you asked about though, I don’t see it as any different than if my schedule were going to be skipped due to current soil moisture levels, predicated rain, freeze skip, etc…

I think I’d expect something along the lines of the following;

  1. Operator changes the status of the controller to take it out of standby. Similar to your new “Updating devices…” screen in V3 you then get a “Checking conditions…” screen.
  2. While “Checking conditions” is happening the controller is checking weather forecasts for recent rainfall totals, predicted rainfall, temperatures, and updates current/predicated soil moisture. In parallel it checks the status of any connected rain sensor.
  3. “Checking conditions” then goes away and you may get some sort of “Controller is once again operational and your schedules will resume within the parameters you have configured.”
  4. Then, if necessary, you get a notification or perhaps it is part of the screen in #3, “While resuming operations your controller discovered your rain sensor became active at ##:## on MM/DD. All schedules will be skipped until the rain sensor is deactivated.”
  5. Then, also only if necessary, you’d get a toast stating the day’s schedule would be skipped due to “X” reason like it normally would whether it is predicted rainfall, freeze temp, etc… However, this may only be useful for users with a schedule set to run in the middle of the day. If you’re already past the schedule end-by time (e.g. by sunrise or by 5:45AM) I would expect the notifications system to sit dormant until the next watering event.
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Yes, I’m in the North East and my Rachio is in standby mode yet the sensor has been going off like crazy. What I too would like is for the sensor to not send alerts when it is in standby mode. Instead I would like to be able to see that the rain/freeze sensor is active(i.e., battery not dead) and receiving signals when I look at the app. So having some type of line item in the app like “Last sensor notification received on xx/xx/xx at xx:xx(pm/am)” would be nice. Also, having Rachio smarten up a bit and use weather station info to dinstinguish between alert notification types sent (rain if temp is above 32F, freeze if below 32F the alert type). For this latter feature, have the temp setpoint user configurable so we can indicate what temperture our freeze sensor is set at and plug that value into the Rachio software.