WIFI Will not connect

Bought Rachio 3 (8 zones) and hooked up yesterday. Only took 15 mins to install, but spent 2-1/2 hrs trying to connect to WIFI. I did everything per website to troubleshoot, but nothing. Restarted, unhooked router several times, tried airplane mode, tired resetting WIFI setting on controller 10 plus times… Finally I took the entire device off the wall and took it into room with WIFI router and plugged it into outlet, still nothing. I’m lost and I know how to hook things up to WIFI. There is something wrong with this new unit. What can be the issue? Using a Apple Iphone X. I might as well hook back up the manual hummingbird that I replaced, I had zero issues, but I liked the WIFI and smart device, but does no good if you can’t get it working.

Did you try this?.. hoping it works for a friend of mine… going up tmw to try it on his…

We have spent two days trying to get our rachio 3 to connect to wifi–Can we just remove the controller from the app and then reset it to factory settings and start all over? This is the first time to run it this season and it was working great last fall. Our wifi is fine we have updated firmware.

I was using an iPhone 12 Mini (iOS v14.5.1) to try and connect my Rachio to my wifi and it wasn’t working. But when I connected to the Rachio wifi signal from my Macbook, the AirPort utility automatically started up and I was able to get the Rachio to connect that way instead.

I didn’t need to do any of the manual commands listed in the other post. It just worked from my MacBook AirPort utility. No idea why the iPhone 12 Mini wasn’t working.