When I run my zones manually, it keeps being stopped prematurely


I tend to turn on my two drip zones manually. Sometimes I do so using the UI on the home page where you manually select the zones and specify a time for each, other times I do so using the “Quick Run” feature of a fixed schedule.

In both cases it is common (maybe always) for the irrigation to stop (significantly) prematurely. I sometimes have to kick off irrigation three of four times (each time adjusting the run times) to get the job done.

This just happened when I manually ran a schedule that waters each drip zone for an hour each. As the image below shows, it only ran the first drip zone for 31 minutes before incorrectly believing I manually stopped the run.


@EdLaFave This looks like it could be an issue with Gen 1 scheduling. I will have the engineering team research this.



I am having the same issue when I run a “quick run” and also on my scheduled runs. It runs for about 2 minutes and then shuts off, I then receive a message that the sprinklers were manually turned off (which they were not).


What generation controller do you own?



I’m not sure. It was already installed when we bought the house about three months ago.



This is the box.


@Polkapaul - that would be a Gen 1 device. And @Franz thinks it may be a scheduling issue that the Rachio engineering team is currently researching.


I don’t have any issues to report on quick runs with either of my Gen1’s…