What's the point of Wink integration?

The Wink hub was on sale for 1 penny with purchase of the rachio so I bought it. I understand the point of IFTTT integration with rachio but what would I use Wink for with the rachio?

@radamio‌ The vision of Wink is a unified hub to connect many devices in your house through one simple, rich app. I believe they still have a lot of work on their end to accomplish that. It will be interesting to see if the market goes for a pure software play like IFTTT, a pure hardware play like Wink and SmartThings, or some sort of hybrid. You have a valid question for sure.

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The wink system is so not ready for prime time, the list of supposed supported products is not bad, but missing key ones and does not give FULL functionality to all devices and situations. I wish Apple would hurry up with Homekit.

Talking of which, are you guys integrating the Homekit support into the app ?

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@mwhaley99‌ Homekit definitely.

I think you are focusing on this backwards. I think the rachio should be “the” hub for all things outdoors, ie irrigation related sensors to begin with. There are already inputs for rain sensors. Why not add the capability to handle other wireless sensors like moisture and temperature sensors or allow future sensors like Edyn to allow the rachio to act as a hub.

@radamio‌ Yes we definitely agree, we are starting to integrate moisture/temperature sensors into the Iro. Definitely a perfect fit!

I currently have a Netatmo system with rain gauge, if it rains IFTTT sends a rain delay for 24hrs to the Rachio.

@mwhaley99‌ that looks great, I would like rachio to offer a wireless sensor like that. I wonder if that is technically feasible with software changes only or do they need to make hardware changes.

I recently started using Rachio with Wink and have to keep signing back in as after a day or so it has a red banner at the bottom saying invalid username/password. After logging in again it sits at loading devices for a minute or 2 and gives an error about no new devices connected.

Anyone else having this issue?

@Sami‌ PM me your username and I will see if it is an issue on our end or something Wink needs to take care of. thanks!

@Sami‌ Thanks for sending me your username, I looked up all of the OAuth information and it did look like the expiration date was being set to less than one day. I have increased this significantly. I also increased your last token expiration date. Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback. Thanks and have a great day!

Mine shows last schedule run was 130 days ago, when in fact it ran last night, Wink sucks!

Need homekit enabled and then things should get better.

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@mwhaley99 As soon as Homekit is readily available, definitely integrating :smile:

Finishing up SmartThings integration, just have had other priorities in the way :wink:

Next up moisture sensors!

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We can connect netatmo weather stations to our weather service API (PWSweather) via Meteoware’s netatmo bridge (http://plus.meteoware.com/netatmo/) for reporting. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send more details on how to set it up.

Not to sound too negative, but it APPEARS to me that, while a handful of significantly more robust hubs already exist, you seem SOLD on an Apple product that doesn’t! What’s up with that? It’s no secret that even the existing hubs have a good number of draw backs and rough edges and Apple’s YEARS behind!

Just sayin.

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@tbeaulieu, good afternoon. Thank you for your feedback. The Iro was designed to play well with others. For a full list of our integrations, please visit: http://rachio.com/integrations

If there’s any hubs you think we should explore, please do share them with us here to consider and review.

Best, Emil

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Native Support for Smartthings

Noted. At this time, the SmartThings integration is on an indefinite hold. We explored SmartThings last winter. In the future we hope to continue our work where we previously left off.

Are there any other hubs anyone thinks we should explore?

I am using a Vera unit for my main home automation hub. (I think a few others here may be as well.) Integration might be nice, but I don’t know if I’d put it at the top of your list of things to do.

EDIT: Also, here’s a link to one thread on their user forum expressing interest in integration. More may be found via search.

Thanks @kelpayne. Looks like we’ve had a few requests for Vera on the community (screenshot below) and about twice as many requests via support (not shown). We’ll add this to the backlog for future consideration.

Please remember to “+1” ideas you like and/or share other integrations you’d like to see. Remember, we have a public API if anyone would like to play around with it :smile: