Weather Underground station not showing up for Gen 3 controller


my gen 3 is not seeing my wunderground station which is broadcasting and I have no clue why. Can anyone help me? wunderground station is KMAHOLDE23

Does gen3 use PWS?

How long has the station been online?


About 4 days or so


OK, let’s give it another day or so. If still not visible I’ll reach out to WU. I know it takes a few days to show up.



Been pretty consistent for a full week to go by to show up in rachio. Can almost set ur watch by it.


ok so my weather station just showed up so it was just a delay. My next question is if I use weather intelligence on my Rachio 3 will it pull the rainfall, humidity, and UV data from my weather station to calculate water loss/soil saturation but still use the other PWS stations, NOAA data, etc for overall prediction of the weather over the next few days or does it just treat my weather station as part of the wunderground system? Conversely if I pick my weather station instead of weather intelligence how does it predict the weather for the next 2-3 days?


We use precipitation data from your PWS. At one point we tried using PWS to derive evapotranspiration (ET) but there are multiple reasons why that was a bad idea. I have a rant somewhere around here…

We now use the closest national data. It’s worked very well to this point. I’d be sure to pick your PWS so we actively use that for precipitation at your house. Our forecasted data comes from a blend of NOAA, radar, satellite, etc.

Hope this helps.