Weather intelligence skips missing on usage graph


Hey all franz and Rachio team. Yo guys are the best. I’ve been a Rachio user since 2014 and this is the first time I’ve had an issue with the weather. In May I had 2 weather skips and my iOS app is showing 0 skips and also on the web app. Anyway can we fix that? Thanks.



Had the team verify on your account, indeed missing 2 skips. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Should be an easy correction, I’ll have the team do more research and release a fix.



Issue is resolved.



Thank you franz. it shows the correct skips including one from yesterday


I installed my unit 2 weeks ago and mine isn’t recording the weather intelligence skips either. Says 0.



I have reviewed your account. You are seeing 0 for Weather Intelligence Skips because you haven’t received any Weather Intelligence Skips for your controller.

You have a flex schedule which allows for both “Freeze Skips” and “Wind Skips” but based on your thresholds set, there hasn’t been a time that we have seen temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit or Wind Speeds greater than 20MPH.

I would modify your Weather Intelligence thresholds if you would like your Flex Schedule to be skipped due to either temperatures and/or wind speeds.



Oh, I had thought weather intelligence skips meant times it had skipped due to rain and the schedule being bumped to a future date. I misunderstood.



At some point I’d love to interpolate the flex daily savings on the dashboard. It’s very misleading since flex daily is the most efficient way to run your system. Last August in the heat of Colorado I only watered 5 times for the month due to a few significant rain events and my water savings still showed zero :frowning:



I agree, the app showing “time” or “water” savings is based on skips but if it never planned for a watering in the first place because of rainfall forecast it shows nothing. My system last watered on May 7 and shows no plans to water until May 21 (2 weeks!) yet it shows savings for May as ZERO. Kinda odd and not enough of a pat on the back for Rachio.


I’m having the same issue , we have had rain for two weeks and the controller has been skipping, but the weather intelligence skips remains at 0, also I can’t see the usage graph in gallons, could you please take a look?



This also applies to you. Flex daily schedules are amazing at their efficiency but we do not track skips since they are “baked” into that schedule. You are skipping until you are not. We are still working on how to interpolate skips for flex daily schedules.



@franz Thanks!! It would be nice to see those skips as well and have a sense of how much water I’m saving.



Agreed, it is really a gap. I think people would be amazed at how much it saves.



I would like to see this addressed as well. Just installed my unit a few weeks ago and I know I’m saving a ton of money, but only 1 skip shown. Thanks!