Weather in Chile


Will your product work in Chile? The locations would be Colina, Chicureo, Batuco and Santiago.



The product will definitely work in regards to schedule control, but I can’t guarantee how accurate the weather observations will be.

I tried a few of the cities and we definitely can get weather forecasts.

I don’t know how dense the stations are for getting weather observations.

Hope this helps.

I know our controller is in about 60 countries, but really can’t say how accurate the weather data will be.



@GeorgeDLake, keep in mind the power requirements for Chile; here’s a discussion on the topic.


Hey @GeorgeDLake, did you try the product in the area you indicate (Colina, Chicureo, Batuco)?
If so, can you how does it perform? Any noticeable changes?


It works in Chile. I got a Gen2 about 1 year ago. I have to replace the power supply to work with 220V instead of 110V.