Watering time in seconds

Hello, I purchased the Rachio 2 controller for my orchid greenhouse to control my misting/watering and fogging systems. After doing the install, I noticed I do not have any options to setup watering in seconds? Even through IFTTT.

Did I miss something? How hard can it be to include a seconds options? This is a must have feature, 1 minute is far too long of a watering time for many applications! Can someone help me accomplish that? If not, I’m afraid this controller is useless for my needs.

This thread has a script to run a zone for a specified number of seconds. Modify it to run multiple zones, or otherwise as needed for your application:

Hear, hear! IMHO, Rachio has a ‘style trumps substance’ culture and did extra work to remove the seconds option. If the duration fields for a schedule were simple text boxes where you type in the number of minutes, you could enter e.g. 0.2 to get a 12 second run. But they thought it was cute to have + and - buttons, which add or subtract a minute with each tap. Fine, but how about you also allow tapping on the number, where you could then type something in, including a decimal point if needed.

Thanks Stewart. How would I go about configuring this from an Android device? I only use a computer (Windows) at work… And don’t know anything about that Perl thing.

I still cannot believe they have no option within the app for this. Why don’t they have an option in settings you can enable to allow manual time input instead of this stupid ± scrolling option? Or why don’t they just have an hour, minutes, and seconds options in the ± time setting option? I cannot be the only one with this need. All the watering controllers I’ve seen offer a seconds options, this is pretty common and should be a standard feature.