Water Well Time Limitation


I may have missed something in the setup, but is there a way to limit how long Rachio 2 will water when you are on a well? My well guy told me due to the aquifer and for the safety of the pump not to run the well pump for more than 4 hours. I am running the flex schedule. I really don’t want to create 2 schedules to accomplish this.

I like the way Rachio will tell me how long it is anticipated to water, but it is spring and I’m concerned that come summer it may increase the total watering scheduling to more that 4 hours. It is currently running about 3 hours and 35 minutes.

If not, then this may need to be a product suggestion that you can click that your on a well, the maximum run time and delay in hours or minutes before it picks up where it left off.


@chainsaw2608 - look into custom cycle and soak as a roundabout way to create a well delay. In addition to the run time one will need to know the recovery time the well needs to run another four hours in order to create a long enough soak (delay).


We have something coming soon to support this :wink:



@chainsaw2608, please see Delay between zones available in version 3.2 (released today)!


Is the delay between zones global for all zones or can you customize it? Example: I have 12 zones on a 16 zone controller. If zones 1-8 added up to 3 hr and 45 min. then I could set a delay of one hour between zone 8 and 9. After an hour zones 9-12 would run their normal course.



You can customize the “delay between zones” at the schedule level. In this scenario I would suggest making two schedules.



@chainsaw2608, the delay is global for the schedule. I think you’re hoping to only have one delay on the schedule as your pump can water up to 3hr 45mins, then needs to recharge? If so, we do not support this logic.


Delay between zones is an easy way out that makes no sense when it comes to facilitating systems with wells. A zone may water for 10 minutes or 80 minutes. The correct implementation should be delay “x” minutes every “y” minutes of watering. Version 3.3 maybe???