Water days off by one?

@Erskanchy what type of schedule are you using that is showing the incorrect dates?

@mckynzee Flexible Daily

Same idea here. Watering schedule (the calendar format shown on my mac) shows July 5th for my next turf run, but the schedule when I go to edit it says July 3rd (“tomorrow” really, it’s the 2nd now). The calendar on android shows yet another date (the 4th) for this next turf run. Can someone just set this straight for me ? The dates are all over the place for the exact same event depending on what platform and what part of the interface you are looking at.

@romorris2342 Are you located internationally?

No, I’m in Southern California. I have two units. Pretty sure the problem doesn’t show on the other one.

And the turf run of July 3, after the fact, doesn’t appear on the Watering schedule as having occurred, but shows in schedule updates as having done so. Watering schedule now shows July 7th as the next turf run but in the “My yard” section it shows it will do it on the 6th.

Hi @romorris2342, I’m sorry to see that you’re experiencing a discrepancy between your Mobile and WebApp calendars. After taking a look into your account, I was able to verify that the Web calendar is incorrectly displaying your Flex Daily waterings (Turf) one day ahead of the actual scheduled watering date. I can confirm that your next scheduled Turf watering is for July 6th, at 6:30pm.

Your Mobile calendar however should reflect the actual scheduled watering, and I advise you to rely on your mobile app calendar for now while we investigate this issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, as I can understand how frustrating conflicting information is. I will be escalating this issue to our development teams for further analysis.

And the turf run of July 3, after the fact, doesn’t appear on the Watering schedule as having occurred, but shows in schedule updates as having done so.

This is currently expected behavior for how Flex Daily waterings occur. Due to their dynamic scheduling nature, Flex Daily watering events do not display on the Watering Schedule once their watering has completed. I’d be inclined to agree with you that there is room for improvement on this front, so stay tuned for future updates.

If you experience any further abnormalities please don’t hesitate to reach out. It’d be even more helpful if you could include any screenshots! Thank you again for your patience while we look into the matter.

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Ok, I will reply on your app on my phone and not what I see on my computer’s browser (for now). I am just experimenting with my first flex daily attempts so its my first notice that flex daily watering doesn’t show on the calendar after they have occurred. You’ve right, that seems a little off. While they are dynamic in nature, that’s not the case once they have already occurred (dynamic in the future, static in the past is how I look at it).

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I can see my mobile app it is off by one day in other ways. Please be aware of that. The problem is somewhat wider.

Hey Robert, could you please provide more details? What other ways is it off? Are you able to provide screenshots?


There you go Mitchell. I took a screen capture of my phone, mailed it to myself, put it on my desktop along with data for the same controller within my browser. As you can see, they bear little resemblance. I have one active flex daily as seen in green. On my phone’s watering schedule it shows as on July 8th for the next watering. On my computer’s browser it shows as July 9th and in my computer’s browser in the “My Yard” section it shows as July 8th. Also as you can see - the watering schedule for my ‘drip’ and ‘Myoporum’ (in blue) show as on the 4th, 6th and 8th in the computer’s browser and on the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th on my phone. I think I can count on the “My Yard” section. This is kind of like a game of Russian roulette as when some programs fire, it can be $20 a pop for the water. This is currently not saving me money or grief. I can not yet trust it, yet I’ve had these controllers for over a year. When I tried flex daily a year ago, I had no luck. The schedules generated would have killed everything so I just couldn’t use them. I recently decided to give it another try with the experiment “Turf (flex daily)” you see here but with the days all scrambled, as well as the flex daily never showing in the past, it isn’t working out yet. I’ve had to keep marking the watering “start date” ahead a lot of manually control the next run of a program from my phone. That may be insightful as if that’s where the problem is introduced, that’s how I’m using it in an off-nominal fashion that might be relatively special pattern in my usage. Perhaps that helps you guys figure it out. However, can’t you just take, or let me give you access to my controller to diagnose/fix ?

Hey @romorris2342-

I believe we have nailed down the issue you are experiencing. The calendar display on your web browser is using UTC time to display, which is causing your “Drip (flex monthly)” and “Turf (flex daily)” schedules to display the day after they are actually supposed to run. Our development team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. My only concern is what you said here: [quote=“romorris2342, post:30, topic:6625, full:true”]
I can see my mobile app it is off by one day in other ways. Please be aware of that. The problem is somewhat wider.

Do you mind elaborating on this? From what I understand, it seems like your mobile app is correctly displaying when your system is going to water. I am correct in this assumption, or no? I want to make sure I capture the problem you are encountering.

Also, when you say you are marking the watering “start date” ahead, are you editing the schedule start date?

Can you see my screenshots (computer screen overlaid with picture of my phone screen) slightly up in this thread ? No, my mobile app isn’t right either per that response (to Mitchell who also chimed in here). Yes, I do rather routinely mark the schedule start date ahead as a means of getting it to water more. As flex daily isn’t yet performing for me, and the variability of the heat/drought over a month doesn’t let the flex monthly work either (without killing a ton of stuff, 110 degrees for example will scorch everything on flex monthly assumptions). So my normal operating mod is to use flex monthly and when I know there’s a watering gap (given the drought or heat) that will cause widespread destruction - I reset the start date to lessen the gap. As you can see, I am currently experimenting with flex daily, which (should it work) would allow me to stop doing this.

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I don’t think these controllers took into account that magnitude of the SoCal drought over the last year or two. The ground was parched deep down. As a result, it simply didn’t work out for me and I had to intervene manually on a routine basis - even for the simple to setup “flex monthly”. Now that the drought is over, the situation seems to be better. But I don’t have it down yet. Getting these bugs out of my way - and moving to flex daily, gives me hope of a solution (with the one annoying attribute that flex daily waterings don’t show in the past on the calendar).

I’m having the same exact issue. Just noticed it today. On the Android App, the system is watering one day earlier than what it is scheduled for. Looking online, the calendar is the same as the app. Any suggestions?

Did you get anywhere with this Mckynzee. How might the fix get to my device(s).

Hi @romorris2342, we’re making headway. As this is not a widely reported issue, we’re specifically collecting details from your account. In this case it’s a little extra tricky to catch due to the daily dynamic scheduling of Flex Schedules. Based on yesterdays watering, I am escalating to the development team for continued investigation.

How you will receive the fix depends on the root cause. Depending on our findings, the change will either happen seamlessly without any involvement on your end OR we would need to push out an Android app update. We will update you when we know further.

@danv Where exactly are you observing your scheduled watering on Android? Is it 1 day earlier than the ‘My Yard’ Zone cards specify, or are you specifically checking the days marked on the Watering Schedule calendar?

Thank you both for your continued patience while we look into resolving this issue.

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Thanks Mitchell-

Ironically, looking at things today, we’re at the right days. Yesterday, looking at both My Yard and Watering Schedule, it was activating the zones on the “off days”. This morning both the website and the Android App is showing the right days. For example, it ran this morning (July 13):

tI hope my deactivation of my "Turf (flex daily)"in favor of my activation of “Turn (flex monthly)” isn’t throwing you. The former was fighting me while I was trying to get my lawn wet so … I could probably put it back the way it was if that helps.