Very frustrated with Rachio. Watering when it wants to

This is starting my 2nd summer with my Rachio 3 that I got from Costco Christmas of 2019

Last month it decided to water when it skipped due to the rain. It actually watered in the middle of a large storm.

Here’s my Rachio post that no one has replied to Rachio Rain skipped all zones then watered 2 of them in the middle of storm

This morning I get a notification that Rachio is watering on one of my schedules. I user skipped all my schedules the other day. It shows the zone that stated watering user skipped but still watering?

Here’s pics

What’s going on? Do I have something set up wrong?

This is frustrating.

Are you using Flex Daily? If so, please post soil moisture charts and tables for any of the zones in question: What are moisture levels? (Flexible Daily Schedules) (

Yes as my pictures shows I am using flex daily.

However I don’t know what flex daily has to do with rachio watering when I have “user skipped” checked. Also in my other post what does flex daily have to do with it when rachio notifies me its not watering due to rain, then waters during a heavy rain storm when the threshold is past.

Unless flex daily and moisture levels overrides “user skipped” and “rain skip” which it shouldn’t.

Both user skipped and rain skip where ignored by rachio.

Well, if you want people to help you troubleshoot the issue, we need to start with something factual.