Rachio Rain skipped all zones then watered 2 of them in the middle of storm

I have a rachio 3 that I got from Costco. This is now the start of the second season of having it.

I just turned my sprinklers on this week.

My weather intelligence is connected to my Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station

Yesterday it started raining. We were in for a large storm and according to my Davis weather station it was predicting 1.92 inches of rain.

I have 6 zones. With 4 schedules

Flex 1&2
Fixed 3
Fixed 5
Fixed 4&6

All have rain skip on

Zones 1&2 are on flex daily and didn’t water. They were showing 110%.

All the schedules and zones didn’t water at first they all skipped due to the rain.

Then I saw that schedules fixed 3 and fixed 5 both watered, again they have rain skip enabled.

Why would it do this?

This is crazy it’s been raining non stop since 7:45pm yesterday (4/27/21)

Here’s some pics of my settings

Thank you.