V3 & WeatherFlow

can you add me to gene thank you i got rachio v2

@Sharonbrown5, can you please provide a share link from weatherflow, similar to the one shared by Rrmajiros earlier in the thread.

@Sharonbrown5, If you don’t have weather flow weather station, it’s ok. Does your station publish data anywhere online?

trying to figure out how


@Gene Thank you for being such an amazing community user! Seems like you’ve helped a lot of folks and have been very gracious with your time and talents. Would you be willing to add me that list when it’s convenient and you have time? https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/1618


@zjwise Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx47784. Glad to help :wink:



Thank you so so much, Gene! I’m truly grateful!