Using "doubler" devices for adding zone without running additional wire

I’m adding 6-7 additional zones to my system that already has 16 zones occupied. During my initial installation several years ago, I ran 2 multistrand wires, but only have 4 remaining wires to use for a new Rachio 3 controller I intend to use (leaving me 3 zone wires short). I’m curious if anyone has ever used “doubler” devices to add zones without running a new multistrand wire back to the controller. This is a large property, so if there is a way, it would save 300-400’ of additional wire to pull in.

Valve doubler

I have not used one before and wondered if I could. As I think about it, I might be nervous that I thought I was running on, but was actually watering another which is a possibility. The thought of not digging up to run more wire is attractive though.

This topic has come up before, this may be of interest

Do you have the water pressure and volume to be able to run multiple zones and are the Andreas being water at the same time equivalent in all variables? If all of those answers are yes then you should be ok. If you have zones that are drip lines those would be the first I’d look at doubling up.