Update 3..13 messed up zones page

I saw an update come in and launched it even though our system is still winterized until next week. The zones page seems to have some odd text formatting going on.

I can no longer see the soil moisture percentage, the “No watering scheduled” is cut off and the zone names are also cutoff. Maybe the names are too long, I don’t remember if they were cutoff last season.

Hey @scorp508!

Looks like someone has the newest toys- is this on the iPhone XS? We looked into it and it seems like larger screens are allowing for three columns of “yard cards” which messes with the text formatting. The team is aware, and we are working on getting it resolved.

Thanks for letting us know!

McK :rachio:


Nope, iPhone 7 Plus. :slight_smile:

Hi @mckynzee

I’m using a iPhone XS Max and also missing the soil moisture. On the iPad version it’s all good

Turns out I had set the minimum size for each of the zones a little too small. So you guys are seeing 3 columns instead of 2. I’ve gone ahead and bumped up the minimum size so it’ll go back to 2 columns and each card will be big enough to show you all the data instead of truncating the important bits.

It’s a simple fix, so I can’t imagine it’ll take long to get out, but in the mean time, you can see all the information that’s cut off by tapping into a zone.


I think I found your problem…#androidFTW :rofl:



@tmcgahey- iOS all day the world most advanced operating system :grinning:


I prefer to stay out of the world of fragmentation known as Android. :grin: Happy with my reliable even though it is as exciting as a dishwasher iOS device.


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Android in a nutshell


I have noticed that the latest version of the app cuts off zone names more than the previous. Is a fix for that in the works? On some of my zones it only says “Front” or “Backyard”.

17 days ago this was supposed be updated and still haven’t seen update. Come on guys. Sprinkler season is firing up. We need our apps to be tip top. @zachio

To be fair this is a UI issue only and not affecting our lawns.

I’d rather they spend time fixing things like the entirely inefficient “before sunrise” feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I agree. But let’s not break things and forget about it. Keep it updated and correct.

No status update?

@zachio and @mckynzee has anyone looked into why the zone names on the yard page are cut off in version 3.13? The names were partially cut off in the previous version, but good enough to determine which zone was which. In this app version I have 2 zones truncated to “Backyard…”

Try checking to see if you’ve got an update available for App Store version 3.13.1 which fixed the issue with plus sized devices being super shrunk. There’s some cases where you may have a zone name that’s too long to fit on one line and it’ll get truncated to show the ellipses. You’re able to see more of the zone name by tapping into that zone and the zone name will the first line under the image which allow for more room to display longer names.

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The most recent update fixed my zone names. I use an iPhone 7+.

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I’m on 3.13.1. The app version before 3.13 used to show more of the zone names in the yard tab so I could tell what each zone was. I have had to add pictures to my zones now to differentiate them. Please see the attached picture. I have 2 zones where all I see is “Backyard”. I am using an iPhone X.

For comparison here is my 7+ view.