Unit seems to be working, but no zones activate

Just set up yesterday evening, and when i went to define the zones, it failed to start watering any of them. Is power supplied to the valves via this product?

Hi @jjolet,

Good morning. Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble starting your zones. The Iro does provide power to the valves. I’m curious if we have a wiring issue? Could you please email us some photos of your wiring to review at support@rachio.com?

We’ll get it figured out :smile:

Thanks, Emil

I have the exact same problem. Bought and installed it yesterday. No zones would turn on. Then I uninstalled all the wires and re-did them. I could get a few working. I then started moving wires around and was able to get each of my 6 zones working. I thought I had it. Then it was supposed to water my lawn this morning, and nothing. I tried again to manually turn on each zone and nothing. I have moved wires around again, but this time it didn’t work. I can’t get a single zone to turn on.

Hi @marknk8t,

Good morning. Can you also send us some photos of your wiring to review to support@rachio.com? Do you happen to have a rain sensor connected to the Iro?

Are you attempting to manually start a zone and having this issue?

We’ll figure it out :smiley:

Best, Emil

i just sent a picture to the support address. Yes, I am trying to manually turn on each zone, but I am having no luck.

Just wanted to follow up before I become a pumpkin for the night :blush:

@jjolet – I think we have a wiring issue. Hoping we can troubleshoot this with you in more detail tomorrow.

@marknk8t – You were able to get up and running! Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns we can help with.

As always, thank you for your support.

Just installed the unit today from a working Rainbird system. Used same wires and wiring. Unit seems to be working - wifi, blue blinking light all working - shows it cycling but no valves activating. Readjusted wiring to ensure all are firmly in place. It seems no electrical current is going to the valves. Is unit defective?


Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry that you are having issues with your sprinklers not activating.

Would you be willing to send some images of your wiring, both from your old controller and your Iro? If so could you send them to support@rach.io. Once we have this we can review on our end to see if there is anything incorrect.

Thanks again for your time with this.


I have the same issue and will send in photos tonight. Perhaps Rachio could post some “do this” and “don’t do that” pictures on the website to avoid all these inquiries?


Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry that you are having issues with your sprinklers not running. Feel free to send us some images of your old controller and the current Iro wiring. We can review and provide suggestions.

Also great point about “do’s and dont’s” provided up front. We have discussed this and are looking into possibilities in the future.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Has there been a common theme to resolution for this issue? I just received and installed my Iro, and having the same symptoms. Everything looks right, but no zones will activate. Sent before and after photos to support, but first recommendation (remove the rain sensor wire) has not resolved the problem.

Defective unit?

@saywake, good evening. Please excuse the delayed reply.

Usually in these cases the issue in wiring related. Very few of our manufactured units have defects.

I found your ticket in our support system (looks like you were working with Kevin). I’ll review and reply with a few other troubleshooting ideas.

Best, Emil

In case anyone sees this in the future, the issue on mine was actually that the app didn’t be default enable the Master Valve. To do that, on the app, go to Device settings, advanced settings, then enable it.

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Thank you for posting this. I was going crazy trying to figure out my issue. turns out the Master Valve wasn’t enabled on my app either. flipped the switch & bingo!


@travelingjohn (@Somebody7 or others) – just curious, did you connect your Iro to WiFi (blinkup) before or after wiring? I’m wondering if we need to consider moving the placement of the master valve toggle to avoid this issue for future users…

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I did mine before. Just one more thing to not worry about once it’s set up.

@Somebody7, thanks for confirming. Interested to hear how many other users are in the same boat.

I was having the same issue with my Hunter Pro-C. Flipping on the master valve switch in the app made it work.

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@JoeyS, great to hear! Just curious, were you aware you had a master valve before installing the Iro?

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I did not know there was a master valve in the system beforehand.