Unexpected error

Hello I just purchased a Rachio 3 last gen. After installing it, when trying to connect to wifi, I receive a “an unexpected error occured, try again” I tried a couple of time and rebooting it but still the same issue.

I found some similar post about this but they were about 1 year ago about some compatibility issue with IOS.

I am using an iphone (last update) and am on google wifi mesh.

Unfortunately, units with the incompatible firmware are still on dealer shelves.

If you have a Mac laptop or desktop, use that to connect the Rachio ‘accessory’ to your Google Wi-Fi.

With a Windows or Linux PC, you need to do some command line stuff:

Or, use an older phone or tablet to connect.

Once connected, Rachio will update its firmware and your iPhone will work to reconnect if needed.

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Thanks do you have more detailed steps on how to connect the rachio accessory through a mac laptop?


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Thank you it solved it !