Time zones used seem different for watering and device notifications

I am just returning from European travel with a 6 hour time zone difference to EDT and made some interesting observations:

  • the watering times stayed nicely with the local time of the controller
  • the device notifications for my rain sensor however were reported in European times, i.e. when the event happened (which is good), but of course looking odd when trying to make sense of rain events, irrigation times, and accumulation for the sensor. Now that I am sitting at JFK, all sensor notifications are back to EDT…

Then, I just picked up an exchange between @mckynzee and @scorp508 in Moisture says 69% right now though data says 0% , where apparently a timezone sensitivity is in play as well.

So, may I suggest that the team goes with a fine come through all time sensitive decisions and messages and keep everything to the local time of the controller, since it has the geo-position?
I realize that it is probably only relevant for travelers who like to monitor what is going on back home and need peace of mind :wink:

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I travel a lot for work and appreciate/expect timezones to be accounted for. Times should be consistent to a TZ one way or another and not different in different app/ui parts.

I suspect everyone’s different on the matter of time. Personally, I want everything timestamped with UTC and have a way, in the app, to adjust that if you don’t want to see the UTC times.


You are right in that everyone will have their own preference on timezones. I would prefer to use and see local time.

I am guessing that if flex scheduling uses UTC if the moisture levels also use UTC. I would think that daily processing for flex could be spread out more if daily updates were done after midnight local time, instead of after midnight UTC.

thanks @scorp508 - that’s in essence what I was trying to say :slight_smile:

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I think I’d prefer the time local to the controller. I suspect it would offer the least possibility of confusing when events took place in relation to the controller and day/night cycles where it is located.

Let’s do a vote! What time zone would you expect the times reported within your Rachio app to be?

  • Time zone of controller
  • Time zone of device you are using
  • UTC
  • Other (Please post in comments)

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I created an account just to vote in this poll. Then accidentally clicked the wrong choice. I’d like to vote 1,000 times for the first option- time zone of controller. I’ve only had my unit a week but have already had multiple instances where I wanted to tweak a zone setting before the next morning’s watering, only to discover that it had no impact because the program was already onto the following day. Please fix this!!

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