This Is How You Need To Water Your Lawn


Flex, Fixed, Manual, OH MY!

Who knew watering your lawn could be so intuitive and, dare we say, fun. We found our community’s favorite ways to water, regardless if you’re looking to save money, conserve water, revive dead grass, or keep your yard looking fresh and healthy.

Have restrictions? Here’s how to maximize a flex schedule with watering restrictions.

Have new seed? - Our community provided some great feedback on watering with new seed. Otherwise, check out our support article for New Seeding Schedule.

Have dead grass? Check out 3 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Your Lawn Care

Want to really nail down those advanced zone settings and water more efficiently? Try acatch cup test or use the web soil survey to define your soil settings. You can also check out @azdavidr’s drip emitter calculator for precipitation rate and area.

Looking to figure out some trickier watering schedules and types? Flex Daily can be nailed down with @azdavidr’s post onWhere To Start On Flex Daily or our Flex Daily Schedules FAQ. Drip can be mastered by reading this thread on running drip schedules in the morning or evening. Worrying about watering in extreme heat? IFTTT + Rachio schedules can help you determine how much to water when the temps get unbearable.

Our users are full of tips and tricks for your watering schedules. Just ask!