How to maximize a 'flex' schedule when the number of days you can water is limited


Hi - we’re currently allowed to water 3 days a week. Is there a way to configure a schedule that takes precipitation in the future forecast into account to choose which 3 days to water? And is there a flex setting that allows you to limit the number of days that you can water to 3? I haven’t found it yet if there is…

I realize that this may be a risky approach if the precipitation never comes, but I’m curious.

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Interesting feature request, but I don’t think Flex can accommodate in its current form. Best you can do is pick 3 days to water (ex. Mon, Weds, Sat) and Flex will only water on those days if the zone requires it.


@Nelso2sd this is super interesting. Out of curiosity, how does your water utility monitor this? You can water any three days? That sounds difficult to track!

McKynzee :rachio:


Yep, any 3 days a week, but not more:

I don’t think they have any enforceable way to monitor this other than the honor system - or relying on begrudged neighbors to report offenders :slight_smile:

I’d just like to make the best use of the water that I am paying for if there is precipitation in the forecast. Using the % chance of precipitation, based on where it is projected to fall during the week, pick the best 3 days to pay for watering


I feel like you may be able to try flex out, and maybe see how it behaves? I don’t want to get you in trouble with neighbors (:wink:), but if you are looking to water “smart”, it truly is the best option. I’m wondering if you would necessarily see watering much more than three days a week. That being said, there wouldn’t be a guarantee.

Are the majority of your zones fairly similar in configuration? That would further ensure that they run on similar schedules, and potentially wouldn’t water more than those three days a week.


I could be wrong, but CO is a pretty moderate climate so I can’t imagine why you’d need to water more than three times a week. If anything, it would be less. I’d set flex to water every day (so it picks the best days to water like you’re requesting) and monitor the frequency. Some weeks it might go 4 days a week, some rainy weeks it won’t water at all. Bet it averages out to less than 3x a week once your season is done.


How did I miss you are from Aurora! We are based in Denver :colorado:

I’m team @johnny2678- I would assume you wouldn’t run into issues especially with all the rain we are getting right now. Maybe once we hit those hotter summer weeks, you could potentially run into issues.


I’ll give it a shot and see how it does.