Tell Me More About the Wireless Flow product

What is the new wireless flow product’s purpose? Is it a flow sensor to detect breaks or a flow meter to measure actual gallons? For me, a flow meter would be of more interest because i want to know how much water I am using for irrigation. Rachio, can you provide some product details.

It’s both. Take a look here.

@robertokc the Wireless Flow Meter will be able to do both! We’re in the process of building a Flow Meter product page to help better explain the product’s features and benefits.

Not sure if you’ve visited the Flow Meter FAQ yet? If so, let us know what we can do to better answer some of your questions.

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@emil - Is possible without compromising accuracy to install the wireless flow meter between the main line and the backflow valve? I see in the FAQ that it is installed (recommended) at 6" after the backflow, but I’m wondering why it’s recommended after the backflow and is there is any drawbacks.

Currently my setup the line before the backflow is 3/4" and after the backflow is 1". Any recommendation? Thanks.

You can put it anywhere there is a good wifi signal in the main line, before or after the backflow. Since the flow through the pipe on both sides of the backflow will be identical, accuracy will not be affected.

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@MarkSanDiego - The wireless flow meter doesn’t use WiFi for communication back to the controller. The flow meter uses a 900 MHz radio in the US and Canada.

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Thanks for the correction. But, you can still check if the signal strength is adequate by testing the communications between controller and flow meter by placing the two in approximately their final positions, setting up the controller without connecting the wires to valves, and then operate the controller while runnin water through the flow meter fed by a garden hose.

The issue is many are concerned about whether the two will communicate with the flow meter in various positions. This is the way to confirm before making the final installation.

Looking at the FAQ it looks like the Flow Meter does not work if there are more then one controller and just one backflow preventer. Any plans to allow multiple controllers to work with one Flow Meter? I have more then 16 zones and would love to take advantage of the cool technology but it seems that Rachio is not really able to support the use of more then 16 zones even if I am willing to work hard and do the scheduling.

Radio signals are significantly stronger and more reliable than wifi. A range of 300 feet is ideal for the install. I am waiting to order one when I am sure it really works.

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Can one controller support two wireless flow meters? (The FAQ says that two controllers can’t share a flow meter, but it’s not clear if the other way around does/doesn’t work).

I have a single controller and 11 zones, but two separate areas that are each fed by a separate valve. I’d need a flow meter for each, and don’t want to split my management across two controllers (that seems like a mess for coordinating watering times).

Hey @4251Manuela! We only support one flow meter per Rachio 3. :slight_smile:

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“Radio signals are significantly stronger and more reliable than wifi.”

Wifi signals ARE radio signals.

Perhaps what you mean are that Rachio Flow’s 900 Mhz signals penetrate walls and have better range than the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz of wifi.

Hey Rachio,

I currently have version 2 and refuse to upgrade to version 3 until I get to see a video review that talks about the functionality of the flow meter. The flow meter is the only reason I would ever upgrade, but I’m afraid of spending 250+ to then find out it’s not worth it.


Hey @julio.plasencia!

Here are a few resources for you :slight_smile:

Also, we’re running a promotion right now where you can get a Google Home Mini for free with your Rachio 3 purchase.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
-Lo :rachio:


@julio.plasencia This is a great story :wink:


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