Suggestion: Yard Map for PC

My app for Android phone allows you to map your zones and sprinkler heads however, it is not available when using a PC. Why not make it available for both? It would be much easier to map the zones on a large PC monitor using a mouse vs. 6 inch phone screen and my finger.


I just bought the Rachio to use this feature and very sad to see it doesnt work well at all on Android. Doesnt zoom in enough, often doesnt put heads or area points where we need/want, etc. From what I can tell it barely works.

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+1 on this request

I will say that it is a little fiddly on a small screen such as a phone (iPhone X). Viewing on a phone is no problem, but making changes takes… patience.

5-6" phone screens simply do not work because Rachio doesn’t allow us to zoom in enough. Placing sprinklers on the screen simply doesnt work half of the time and outlining zones is completely impossible for small areas like gardens, tree strips near the street, etc. There are many problems with the current UI for mapping, I gave up and hope they make it usable. Seems like they didnt test this much or at all on a phone. They probably did it on a 24" screen using an emulator so, no problem there! :wink:

Where is this option in the iPhone app? I don’t see any mapping option.

To begin with, I think it’s only available for users of the 12-zone costco version of the rachio 3. I have a regular 16 zone straight from rachio store and don’t have access to the yard map either, so I can’t be of any more help :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn! That sounds like a great feature. I only have the 8 zone controller, so maybe I’ll never get it. We’ll see :slight_smile:

And I really should have gotten the 12 zone costco one, as I have 12 zones!, but I didn’t know it existed until after I already got the larger one from the rachio store…

Are there any updates regarding the ability to map my yard with my computer rather than phone app? It would be so much easier to map my yard / zones via my computer than my cell phone. Thanks!


+1 for these two suggestions: yard mapping, and to do so on a Windows or MacOS machine, not just an iOS/Android device.

I had to get my Rachio 3 from Rachio as I have 13 zones. No regrets there though.

+1 for this request as well. I am glad to see that this feature is available outside of the Costco 12 zone Rachio 3.

To find it on iPhone, Go to More / Yard Map.

My 16 zone from Amazon has it.

I mapped using a tablet.

Works great.

Took an hour or so to map all of my zones and sprinkler heads. Tip, use your galaxy S Pen, much more accurate. Just keep in mind, they designed software to work with fingers. So, tap screen with pen, wait for marker to realign, then move it into place. After you figure this out, it’s easy and accurate. There is no undo, so if you screw up the zone, you have to clear the whole thing.

This is definitely required. A “must have”! It’s imposible to use yard map on a phone.

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I have a gen 3 i bought last year (non costco version). However I don’t see it on the map on my iphone. Is there something i need to do. Looks like my firmware is up to date

Hmmm. On your iPhone, if you open the app, tap on More on the bottom right hand corner. Then you should see the option called Yard Map. See Screenshots that I attached.

If not, I would suggest you reach out to Rachio to see what’s up.
Just make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your iPhone.

I am also a +1 on this request. I would like to be able to modify the yard map from the web app on a pc,

I just purchased the rachio 3 and was looking forward to using the yard map.

When I bring it up on my pixel 2 xl the google maps view is way too small to be able to draw the yard markers or move any of the markers or place the sprinklers.

Even if we could zoom in further a cell phone is not a good user interface interface to draw maps (specially complex ones) and pinpoint stuff on the map.

Can this be implemented in the web app on the pc please ?

Or better yet can rachio provide an api to modify the yard map and I can develop some code to do this for the user community.



+1, its a pain to add using an iPad

if you have the 8 zone, it wasn’t available until now, at least for me its available now.


Are you saying that you have the ability to map on your yard on your PC or that you just now are able to map your yard on your iPad? :thinking: