Suddenly started reporting 0 gpm flow on random zones


I installed a flow meter at the end of last year and calibrated. For 5 months it seems to be working perfectly, no warnings ever. Suddenly last week I started getting warnings of 0.0 gpm flow on random zones (so far, 5 of 12 active zones). An average of roughly one of those warnings per watering cycle. When I test the zones manually they seem to work fine, and the valves are in different areas so a wiring issue seems unlikely.

Battery reports Good and signal strength Excellent. I’ll try bumping the pressure time from 2 minutes to 3 to see if that helps, but 2 minutes seems like long enough to pressurize from what I’ve seen, and 0.0 gpm seems odd. I’m not understanding why the sudden change.


This symptom continues and has even extended to more zones. Increasing the pressure time did not make a difference.

I’m now up to 10 zones (of 12 total) that have given the low flow alert, always 0.0 gpm. It seems to give me a few of these on every watering day now. I can’t be certain that the zones worked correctly, as it is running overnight, but when I run tests during the day they always seem to work as expected.

Full disclosure: I have had a problem with 2 zones where the valve did not open. But I’ve tracked that down to a specific bad electrical connection that only impacted those 2 zones. I “think” those are now resolved.

Any suggestions, or similar issues out there? It’s odd that this started so suddenly, and so widely/randomly. Any chance the 2 bad zones could lead to messages being issued for other zones?


What is the ‘normal’ gpm of the zones that are not working?


Do you have a master valve or a pump relay by any chance? What you are describing sounds like the issue is effecting a common denominator. I would also pay particular attention to your common line. Often connection may degrade with many wires sharing the same wire-nut.


Thanks MeterManSays and Gene. Normal gpm ranges from 7.6 to 20 gpm (10 different zones, so everything in between, with most in the 8-14 range).

I don’t think there is a master vale or pump relay, but the common line is a good point. I believe the wire causing the known issue was a common line leading to the last two zones in the system. I’m not sure how this could affect any other zones, but it is a possible common denominator.

I’ll watch for further errors now that the two bad zones are (probably) resolved. Perhaps that was somehow the cause of all the warnings.