Start Date & End Date? Will my rachio turn on next season

This is the 1st season I’ve had my Rachio 3 controller.

Due to our water restrictions we have a watering season from the city that we can only water from April 15th - October 15th

I put my start dates as April 15, 2020 and an end date of October 15, 2020.

Will my rachio water next year in 2021 with the dates I have for 2020, or did I set it up wrong?

Thank you

I was wondering that myself. Our water restrictions are about the same, but that is because the pressurized irrigation water gets shut off. I found the following that seems to indicate they will not run next year. Consequently, I do not have an end date and put the controller in standby right after I winterize it right after the water is shut off.

I’d say no to both. It won’t run and you haven’t set it up wrong. Just need to kick the start / end dates out for 2021 once your season is done (probably when you winterize it).

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I like to use the standby as the dates can change in my case and I also turn off the main valve. This keep any accidental turning on of the sprinklers that may cause freezing.

My dates won’t change for the watering season.

Since rachio doesn’t have the option just for months by themselves, then I guess I’ll eliminate the dates all together and just use standby.

Mine has a start date, which may have been when a created the schedule, not 100% sure. No end date exists.

Yes, I changed mine to no end date as well.

I guess I’ll just need to use standby when I winterize my system.

As you know, more than one way exists to take care of this. Probably one way is not necessarily better than another. Thank you for asking about it and giving us the opportunity to try to help. As you notice from the second link I initially included, some have suggested the start & end dates to no include the year so it can handle some of this automatically. However, this has not gained traction.

Part of my winterization routine is to remove the above ground booster pump and just unplug the Rachio3. No need for it to do anything when that which it controls is inoperable.

As I recall, the recommendation is to leave the Rachio plugged in so it can do updates or whatever. Instead, they suggest you put it in Standby mode. Here is some information:

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