Remove Year from Schedule Start/End Dates

Re: my “oh sh…
Ever since @franz kindly helped me solve my problem, I have tried to envision a use case for why anyone would actually need the Year part of the Start/End schedule. Seasonal changes, yep: I get that. But why would anyone (including me) actually need to have a different schedule from year to year?
Sure, it’s relatively easy to go in and change the year. But I have to remember to do it every year. Doesn’t make sense. There are SO MANY parameters to set to get everything “just right.” with my Rachio, but I cannot see any reason why there is a parameter that needs to be updated every year, just because it’s the next year.
My $0.02.


I use this feature when my lawn gets overseeded every year – I have 3 schedules, one I want to run for 3 weeks, one for 2, and one for 1 week. I have the schedules pre-done, and all I have to do each year is change to the correct dates. So I love this feature. My schedules that I use all the time have an end date of “never”.

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Makes sense to me, Linn, but it proves my point almost perfectly: A End Date setting of “never” is the same as not even having that setting; you have done what I have: turned the End Date off. I’d still rather be able to set it to the same end-of-watering season datey every year without having to go in and change the year every year.

It’s not graceful but set a reoccurring annual reminder (on the platform of your choice) a day after the end date or the following weekend for you to increment the year. Should have some probability of success. I wouldn’t use it but agreed a No-Year setting would be convenient for those living in municipalities with strict irrigation seasons etc.

Just checking if there has been any progress on this feature.