Soil percentage

So I’m having issue with my moisture setting. It was 100% yesterday and now just a little under 24 hours later it’s completely depleted. Where should I try to keep my moisture level? Or should I simply trust the system to do its job? And if it’s at 0%, should I hope for the best that it’s going to water again in 24 hours by looking at the calendar when its next schedule is? still trying to figure this thing out. But either way like I said I love it.

Can you post a screenshot of your moisture graph and data?

Not really sure where to find that crap. I’ve been digging and I’ve seen it before but no I’m at a loss

From home screen:

Select “Yard” (bottom row), select the zone in question, select the banner that shows soil moisture, there you will see the graph. Post that screenshot, then select “more detail” and post a screenshot of the table.

This is all I have

You are using Flex Daily schedule, right?


Hmmmm…usually the blue calendar icon would represent a fixed schedule. @franz, ideas why he isn’t seeing a soil moisture percentage on his zone?

I did see it before. But then it disappeared. It was all at 0 if that matters

You didn’t play with the settings and switch to Flex Monthly did you?

Yes it is.

It’s been a while since I have set up a new Flex schedule, but I think that it might always start off at 0%. Looks like it is scheduled to water. I’d watch it.

Yeah I went in there and deleted the old schedule and created a new one and put it on flex daily and then it brought up the percentage. I guess the question is where should that percentage be? I assume zero is bad. It should always have some type of moisture in it, correct? And I also wonder how accurate that percentage is.

I understand that I don’t have a very long track record as I just got this thing a few days ago. So obviously I’m still learning how it works.

If you look at the calendar view it will show predicted watering days. As long as you have a few days in-between waterings that’s a good place to start. If you want the engineering team to review I can have them double check your settings. Welcome to the community.


I’ll give it a little while and see where I’m at thank you.

Looks like your next run is today at some point…so lets see where that puts you. Still worth a look at your zone settings too, just to make sure everything is accurate.

Yeah. It ran a cycle this morning and it put me about 60% on each zone

Which sounds about right. Do you feel pretty confident that you have your zones set up correctly, most specifically the PR (in/hr) advanced setting for your sprinklers?