Soil moisture fill/empty


Ok, I think we can do a slider, 0%-100%, and set the moisture level for today, versus yesterday. Building now.


Cool, just make sure it can handle a starting point that is actually over 100%. You wouldn’t want to set the slider to 0% and it just moves a previously 125% to 25%.


I’m thinking true zero. And if you start above 100%, you can pull down anywhere from 100 - 0.


Okay, so if you started at say, 140% and used the slider to set 50%, the end result would be 50%, and not 70%. That works. I can’t imagine someone would need to make an adjustment that keeps them above 100% ie 140% to 120%. Maybe though? That probably just makes this more complicated than it needs to be.



I’d rather not support this :wink:


Question with terms? When you say true zero would this be Max “Allowable Depletion” and 100% would be “Field Capacity” If you set 0% to Allowable Depletion it indicates a full watering event needs to occur. I like sticking to your Scientific terms. Slider is great!


Yes, exactly.


Different zones have different Max Depletions, I like the 0% being the Max Depletion for each individual zone.


I’m new to this great thread and to the community, and I’m trying to get up to speed. Re: “Question with terms”. Do I understand correctly?.. The percentages are % of Field Capacity. In this application, Field Capacity is a calculated constant, solely a function of soil type and root depth. Max Depletion is the Wilt Point, another constant for given zone. Allowable Depletion is a variable set by the user to some % of FC. Once set (at any value including 0%) I would think that would define the “full watering event”, the water required to go from AD to FC. 0% would be when AD is set by the user to equal the calculated Max Depletion. ???


and managed allowed depletion (MAD)…



.5 (MAD) * .20 (soil type clay loam) * 6in (cool season grass) = .6 inches. This is the top of your bucket.

We don’t focus on wilt point, which is below the allowed depletion line on the graph.

We default this to 50% (industry standard) and can be modified in Zone details --> Advanced. It affects watering frequency.

Unclear on this.

So, simple way to think about this. From above example your field capacity (depth of water, irrigation amount, etc.) is .6 inches.

Each day ET (evapotranspiration) pulls this number down, while precipitation and irrigation bring it back up. When it reaches zero, flex schedules run.

Hope this helps.



Yes! Thanks


and Duration.

I believe another simple way to understand Flex Scheduling is; Because of parameters set, the system knows how long to run to replenish the root zone, ETo dictates the frequency of days.

Within a climate with large seasonality changes, this is why flex scheduling works so well. You do not need to create changes to frequency of watering events to keep to the season, it is built into the scheduling engine.


Yes of course, duration, I’m losing it.

This is a good breakdown of levers.



I’m having the same issues. Both the Fill and empty buttons give the same result.


Ack! I wanted my fruit trees to turn on tonight so I hit the “empty” button. It’s now at field capacity! I’ll have to take it out of flex to get it to turn on tonight I guess :frowning:


We will finish up the slider on Monday and hopefully release. iOS and Android are ready to release as well and now incorporate soil moisture graphs per zone (and also display each zone’s current soil moisture level without going to the graph)

It will allow you to set the day before today to any level you want. Spent a lot of time on this part, and adjusting the moisture level for today was very difficult when you factor in events that aren’t really time based (i.e. evapotranspiration + precipitation) that we record for the entire day. I think this will still cover most use cases. Also fixed defects where if you were over saturated it will pull the moisture level down to the percent you choose (well very very close, there are some rounding issues). Before you had to empty a couple of times. Good 'ol recursion :wink:

Hope this helps. Just finishing up some Web pieces, but everything else is ready.


Zone Moisture Balance TOOL on Home screen

We pushed out new code that will truly empty/fill start of today. Note this will still be affected by today’s ET and precip values which can offset the moisture balance in either direction.

Decided not to release a slider bar, want to keep this as simple as possible for now and watch how this feature is being used.



Oh BTW, iOS and Android released today to support viewing and adjusting moisture graph in mobile.



Nice! Simple and easy to use and understand!


Nice! Thanks - This really helps. I’ve been putting some of my zones on flex and some on fixed to see how they both do. It really helps to be able to adjust the moisture balance when moving the zones from fixed schedules to flex. Very nice addition!