Soil moisture fill/empty



Very cool. Empty will take it down to the allowed depletion, not 0, correct?

Yes, so it will water the next day (unless precip forecasted). Fill will delay watering until hit bottom of allowed depletion.


Is this available now? If so, is it available for fixed schedules?

Excellent, can’t wait. I’m looking forward to switching back to flex once this is live.

Targeting next Monday.

This is on a per-zone basis. It doesn’t really make sense in the context of fixed schedules, only flex, since flex rely on soil moisture levels to water/not water.


Per zone is fine. But it really does make sense for fixed schedules if one is trying to tune them because flex schedules don’t work due to watering restrictions or such.

Right now my gardens are apparently super saturated according to the moisture level chart. Not sure why and it really does not matter since looking at the dirt tells me otherwise. But I might be overwatering. If I reset the moisture I can watch the effects of my watering schedule–fixed or flex.

(There is a good chance that the flex schedule did not work because of the assumed initial moisture levels. Once things are in balance with reality I will try it again.)

This data is agnostic to whether or not you have a flex/fixed schedule. The data does indeed drive flex schedules, but is captured irregardless of how the zone is scheduled.


@franz Still on track for this one? I’m eager to start playing with flex again!

Ya releasing tomorrow, will post when out!


Great, I spent all weekend on the landscaping project and added more plants. Being able to zero things out is going to be helpful.

As usual, bravo with the rapid iterations.

I am guessing you’ll have to update you’re Photos. Lol :smile:
And set the bar even higher.

Yep, I’ll update things soon. I planted a Harry Lauder’s walking stick. It’s an interesting one and being a new transplant, being able to zero out moisture levels is excellent.

i was just kidding But Im glad you get my sense of humor. :wink:
Keep up the good work.
Im waiting to get a haircut before I take some pictures and get brave enough to post. :grimacing: Im afraid that you have shamed us all. :sob:

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Maybe the Terminology Should be DRY/WET These terms basically tell the system what to do. (Water at next available opportunity/Push watering down the road) think these words would be less confusing for general user. Besides doesn’t the word Fill give the sense that something is empty. Fill is an action where as Empty is a condition or a action.

Ideal might be something more like:

Current Balance: 140%
New Balance: [____]

Let the user just enter a new percentage


Great idea! I believe what you have proposed would be great for a very knowledgeable user, I was just thinking of a way to keep it simple for the masses.

I just tried to fill my zones since my zones just ran today, but it is only adjusting for 8/3. I expected it to adjust for the current date not previous date so that it would take evaporation from today into account. Instead, it set yesterday to 100% and the watering from this morning took it right back up to 151%.

Also, I have a moisture sensor that tells me the exact %. Some sort of a slider to set the value may also be nice for “advanced” users. Eventually I hope to have everything dialed in so the Rachio % matches the soil sensor :smile:.


I just tried to empty some of my zones, it worked for the first one, but the other two were filled instead of emptied. Can’t change it back anymore… We need to be able to edit the values directly, I think… This isn’t working.

I have a couple of ideas…stay tuned.