Smart Hose Timer WiFi Hub Power Issues

I have 5 timers so I have had to get 2 WiFi hubs. Turns out, it has been quite an adventure to find 2 hubs that work well. All of the hubs I have received have major QA issues. Specifically, the power connection is extremely brittle.

Of 4 hubs I have received:

  • 3 will not power on at all unless I manually align the DC barrel adapter into a perfect position. I have found that the trick is to push the adapter in hard and pull it down a bit. However as soon as I let go of the adapter, it will lose power. I had to return these ones.
  • 1 has a solid enough connection where it will work, but if I move the hub ever so slightly, it will lose power. Fortunately it will reconnect on its own. I have kept this one as 1 of the 2 hubs I need.

There seems to be a pretty clear issue with these hubs. Has anyone else had similar issues with theirs? Or any suggestions on how to get a better connection so that I don’t have to avoid slightly dislodging the hub?

Also curious how these have passed QA, as it takes only a couple of seconds to identify this issue.

Mine has been working great