Smart Hose Timer WiFi Hub Power Issues

I have 5 timers so I have had to get 2 WiFi hubs. Turns out, it has been quite an adventure to find 2 hubs that work well. All of the hubs I have received have major QA issues. Specifically, the power connection is extremely brittle.

Of 4 hubs I have received:

  • 3 will not power on at all unless I manually align the DC barrel adapter into a perfect position. I have found that the trick is to push the adapter in hard and pull it down a bit. However as soon as I let go of the adapter, it will lose power. I had to return these ones.
  • 1 has a solid enough connection where it will work, but if I move the hub ever so slightly, it will lose power. Fortunately it will reconnect on its own. I have kept this one as 1 of the 2 hubs I need.

There seems to be a pretty clear issue with these hubs. Has anyone else had similar issues with theirs? Or any suggestions on how to get a better connection so that I don’t have to avoid slightly dislodging the hub?

Also curious how these have passed QA, as it takes only a couple of seconds to identify this issue.


Mine has been working great

Having the same issue. Just got my WIFI hub a week ago and I have to push the AC barrel jack into the hub hard and hope it stays powered on. But like you, the slightest movement of the jack, and the hub powers off. I found another adapter with the same specs around the house and that one works just fine. I can jiggle the barrel jack around and the wifi hub stays powered on.

I decided to call Rachio and get a replacement as that adapter already belongs to another item. Just received the replacement today, and the same issue. And like the other one, my own adapter works just fine on it.

Looks like there is a quality control issue here. I’m calling Rachio tomorrow and going to get this figured out.

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That’s interesting, I already gave up on these for the year since my watering season is done, but I’ll have to try a different adapter. I kind of just assumed it was the hub-side connector that was the problem. It would be dumb if this all came down to them cheaping out on the power adapter.

I did try to contact Rachio support via email and was fully ignored about this issue, which frankly annoyed me even more. I am curious to hear if you get any feedback.

OK, just got off chat with Rachio. They are sending me out another unit, so #3 is on its way. I don’t have much hope since it is probably coming from the same distribution center and will be the same batch. So still expecting the same issue. But they also said they have escalated this issue to their product group. We’ll see how that turns out. In any case, I am still using my own AC adapter and that’s working fine…though would like to get that back to its paired item.

Interesting that this is my first post to the community. Researched why my hose hubs wouldnt power and found this thread. Thanks to everybody for creating it. After reading the topic, i found that the base of hub comes off without tools. I then plugged the adapter in without the top case and it powered right up and no wiggle. The problem is the case pushes the connection too far in for the adapter to firmly seat. A little drimmel work to cut a larger hole for the adapter and it works beautifully. If this is the only issue i run into with this piece of technology, i will be quite happy. I bought this because i can control it voice and my husband loves to garden. It will help us a lot!

Thanks for this post as I am having the same problem. Support sent me 2 replacement hose timers, but the hubs have the same issue. I removed the base of the hub as you suggested, plugged in the power adapter and the hub powered right up. I did confirm the power adapters we working properly.

Today is March 16, 2024 and I just received my smart hose timer today only to discover the same problem people here have reported since last year. NO POWER TO HUB. No lights, no nothing unless I jam it hard, but it won’t stay on. Clearly, Rachio has been aware of this defective plug since last year yet they are still shipping it. WTF??? Now I don’t have time to wait for a replacement (which is likely defective too) before I leave for a number of months. Looks like I’ll have to buy a replacement hose timer locally OF A DIFFERENT BRAND. I’m extremely unhappy.

OK. I calmed down. Rereading the previous posts suggested that I cut some of the plastic away from the plug to get a better fit. That seems to work, however I’m still upset with Rachio for not addressing this issue. They are acting like amateurs.

I’m in the exact same boat-just received an order in mid-March and if I’m pressing the power cable in, it will stay on-but as soon as I release: lights out. Checked with support and they’re sending a new power adapter.

Disappointing the it happened, but it sounds like they’ve received enough reports and hopefully have been able to find a compatible supplier going forward. Hopefully.

I ran into the same problem. I followed suggestions from community, knowing I could return to Costco if all else failed… I’ll add that you need to peel off the rubber bottom of the hub to access the fastening screws. I used a Drummel tool to easily grind off the lip of the plastic housing’s power plug entry point. That “lip” prevented the power plug from fully seating. Re-assembled, problem fixed. Thanks!

Thanks all for this thread! Same problem- barrel of power adapter is too short and/or hub case prevents jack from securely engaging. Mine purchased at Costco requires as Issaq said peeling back rubber base, removing 3 screws, enlarging power plug hole. I’m going to get Rachio to send a good one so didn’t modify but confirmed it all works with hub circuit board out of the case. On reassembling I didn’t fully tighten the screws and it now works but cord isn’t secure and it has to be sitting just so.

I just purchased two of these hub/timer kits at Costco. The hubs are useless as the power connector basically falls out of the hub. Basic power jack connectors are industry standard and have been around over 60 years. How can this be so difficult to get right? I am dead in the water (no pun intended). Now what?

Same here. 1st one I ordered was really touchy, but I get get it to stay powered if I stood on one foot and touched my nose long enough. So I just ordered a second one and it won’t power at all unless I brute force the plug into the hub, and as soon as I stop putting pressure on it, power goes out.

Long time Rachio supporter, and I will continue to be but this is a QA issue that needs to be fixed.

edit: drilled out the hole with a 3/8 drill bit. That did it.

So much YES… what is up with the QA on these power issues? I’ve been using a Rachio for my yard irrigation for some time now. Was very happy to see the hose timer option for our raised beds. First one comes in and the wifi hub will not power up. I assume dead on arrival and ship it back to Amazon. The second one comes in and exact same issue. I’m thinking it’s me by now but I find this thread and start jamming and twisting and turning the power plug and at least for a hot second I saw a light come on the hub for the first time. But I can’t get it to stay on as soon as I let go of the adapter. How in the world did these pass QA? I’m not going to start cutting on adapter… looks like I’m shipping back 2 of 2.

Rachio customer service was great on this. I emailed and within a few hours had a response that they would send a replacement power adapter. A week later had a replacement adapter with slightly longer barrel and problem solved.

When I started this thread last November, I had already reached out to Rachio support about this multiple times and never even received a response. I am going to try again now that I am approaching watering season again.