Seeing How scheduling Changes

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Could you come up with a way to see how changes that are being made affecting the run time and frequency without needing to go to other screens. If i change efficiency my run time changes but by how much? Don’t know unless I go to a schedule and look at the zone run time. Need to see how my changes are affecting the outcome without jumping around.

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and for frequency it would only be perceived because we have not had weather effect the outcome yet.

Great point, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I agree modifying frequency, and then going to the flex calendar is not ideal/efficient.


Amen!!! +1 million.

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+1 on this

Suggested run time or calculated run time right near moisture level would be great.

I adjusted all my zones down to 40% for MAD and the frequency is much closer to my lawns requirements. Not sure how many folks can get away with 50%.

I would suggest that you keep purity in the calculations. By that, I mean don’t override the true calculated value, but rather, adjust an appropriate parameter so that the overall affect is achieved. I started with the IRO with the simple method of using default values, and then adjusting watering levels with the more/less option. Then I decided to get more technical with it, but I didn’t realize, or forgot, that the more/less option was overriding my efforts. I had to go back and put all of the more/less settings back to the middle to see what is really going on, and to get accurate water usage. But it took me a long time to realize that. These overrides make it difficult for the involved user to do it right.

I like the idea of you making it easier to adjust durations and intervals directly, but I would recommend that you do it by surrepticiously having the customer adjust something like ET coefficients for interval changes, and efficiency or nozzle rates for duration.

Ya, I stayed at 50% this summer and probably could have gone down to 40%, lawn is little less green, but I wanted to see how far I could push it. For next watering season we won’t have people adjusting MAD, unless they want to :wink:


Yes, the change I am thinking of will be +/- modifier on crop coefficient.

Currently, each crop has a coefficient that is used to offset daily ET values.

For example, cool season grass is 85%. If the ET for the day is .2, our crop evapotranspiration is .17. By manipulating the crop coefficient we don’t have to override any other values, and this will either pull down ET more/less on a daily basis, modifying watering frequency.


That’s great. My request is that if I go into the advanced settings and look at the crop coefficient, I will see the modified value, not a misleading original value that you have multiplied by 20%, and we can’t tell. If you are going to use a multiplier, perhaps you can show that multiplier in the advanced settings display for crop coefficient. Something like
Crop Coefficient = setting * modifier
so Crop Coefficient = 0.65 * 120% as an example.
I am assuming here that the crop coefficient will also be user adjustable.


Thanks for the feedback, will use this when we start to build out.